Will Fortnite really end in 2024?

Rumors of Fortnite's official end have circulated on the internet from time to time in the past but were never true. Now, another rumor has hit the streets, claiming that Fortnite will officially be shutting down in 2024.

But is this rumor true? Or just another false statement meant to make gamers panic?

The internet claims Fortnite is shutting down in 2024... Is it true?

First off, let's answer the question of whether or not Fortnite is actually shutting down in 2024.

No. Fortnite will not be planning to close its servers to the public next year, and as far as we know, the game has no plans of shutting down within the following years to come.

A lot of these rumors start with small instances happening within the game or the company that created Fortnite, Epic Games.

So why is it trending that Fortnite may be ending in 2024?

Well, last month Epic Games announced they were laying off over 800 employees, specifically within the Fortnite side of things. This caused quite the speculation. Was the game losing money? Was Fortnite about to see a downfall?

While all of this is definitely speculation for the future, Epic Games has given no insight into the game actually shutting down. In fact, the game generated over $6 billion in revenue just last year.

In October, the game hosted its FNCS Global Championship in Denmark, which was a major event and had some of the highest viewership Fortnite has ever seen. Also, with the rise of Creative, many developers are beginning to use Fortnite to create their own games.

Fortnite has no plans to shut down

With that being said, obviously, the future is always up in the air. Still, though, Fortnite's most recent announcement regarding Chapter 1 returning on November 3 has quite the amount of gamers in an excited frenzy.

Many old fans of the Battle Royale will return, with everyone who still plays preparing to explore the old map they once loved.

Fortnite is still on an upswing and shows no signs of shutting down anytime soon.

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