Here is our guide to leveling up fast in Fortnite.

The battle pass has been acquired, and now you need to do everything you can to get to that level 100 before the end of the season. I mean, no one wants to be the person who did not acquire all 100 achievements. But how can one level up fast in Fortnite?

Here is our guide to getting to level 100 as fast as possible.

Leveling up in Fortnite: How to do it and how to do it fast!

There are multiple ways one could level up in Fortnite. Obviously, the most aware one is to just simply play the game. But how exactly can players level up in quicker ways? There are quite a few different options!

Fortnite Characters In Chapter 3 Season 3 - All 29 NPC Locations - GameSpot

Discover the map! Gain XP fast

Haven’t played much this season? Is your map still partially greyed out where the new spots have been added. Exploring the map is an easy and fast way to gain XP. This will help get you to that level 100 in no time.

Chapter 3 map silhouette (all undiscovered) : r/FortniteLeaks
Undiscovered Map

Each spot you visit gives you a dedicated amount of XP. Remember, a named location will give you more XP than an unmarked landmark.

Creative still provides XP too! Do not sleep on it!

Queuing up in Creative playtime will also help you level up fast in Fortnite. With fun modes like free for all’s, death runs, and more, there are quite a few different games one can play that will help them gain quick XP.

Playing Games in Fortnite Creative | Fortnite

Queue up with your friends, or queue up by yourself. It does not matter. This is a great and fun way to enjoy the game while also leveling up.

Do not forget about Daily Quests!

Daily quests are still a thing if you have not checked. Every single day, players can achieve a set amount of XP just by doing the daily quests. There are 3 daily quests added each day, so make sure you remember to hop on the game and get them done.

Fortnite - How to Complete Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass Quickly

Depending on how long each season is, if you do the daily quests every single day, you can acquire quite a bit of XP, leveling you up fast.

Each season has a set of quests too. Make sure you complete them!

Each season has its own storyline, and alongside that storyline comes season dedicated quests. Each of these quests will help you gain XP to move up levels. Usually, they will have to go along with either the storyline or the skins added to the battle pass.

Here Are All The 'Fortnite' Season 3 Battle Pass Skins, From Darth Vader To  Indiana Jones

For example, in Chapter 3, Season 3, some of the season quests are catered around Darth Vader, which is also the final skin you get when you hit level 100 in the battle pass.

Additional ways to level up fast in Fortnite

With all the extra ways to gain XP fast in Fortnite and level up, there are still some basic ways that never change.

These include:

  • Damaging opponents and doing headshots
  • Opening chests
  • Opening up rare chests
  • Hit weak points on structures
  • Holding victory crowns

Doing these will not only have you gaining quick XP, but will have you rocking that level 100 or more in your name in no time. Make sure to do everything every day you play.

Good luck, get that Victory Royale, and move up in those levels!

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