Indiana Jones is now available to unlock in Fortnite Battle Royale! Join as we walk you through unlocking every item.

Indiana Jones has officially entered Fortnite Battle Royale following the release of patch v21.20. Now, you can begin the quest to unlock all 11 cosmetics available in the latest collaboration. Today, walks you through every Indiana Jones challenge and explains how you can acquire each item. Keep reading below for the complete guide.

Reward #1: Indiana Jones Banner Icon

The first Indiana Jones reward is a Banner Icon located on page one. To unlock this, you must search five chests at Shifty Shafts. First, load into a Team Rumble match and drop at Shifty Shafts. Then, head to the mountain above the point of interest (POI) and into the cave. In Team Rumble, all Chests spawn 100% of the time, so you should have no issue completing this quest. 

Reward #2: Raider’s Relics Pickaxe

The Raider’s Relics pickaxe pair is the second reward under the Indiana Jones questline. To unlock these, you must acquire a Grapple Glove mobility item from designated spawn areas, a Chest or the ground. For this guide, we chose the Grapple Glove spawn area located east of Shifty Shafts. 

First, you should land at this location and secure one of the items. Then, grapple to ten trees in the surrounding area, as shown below. Finally, you’ll have the pickaxe unlocked.

Reward #3: Rogue Archaeology Wrap

Reward number three in the Indiana Jones Fortnite questline tasks players with damaging players from a vehicle. Thankfully, you can complete this challenge without a teammate:

  1. It would be best if you loaded into a Team Rumble match and landed near a car.
  2. Grab an Assault Rifle and drive to an area with various opponents.
  3. Jump into the passenger seat, and you can deal damage to the enemy from a distance.

Reward #5 and #6: Expedition Back Bling & Indiana Jones Outfit

The final rewards on page one are the Expedition Bag back bling and Indiana Jones skin. For the back bling, you must collect one relic item from The Temple and The Ruins landmark locations. As you’ll see below, the map shows the two areas are close. Once touching the ground, you can head to the gold-shining object at both spots and collect the two relics. After, you’ll receive the Indiana Jones outfit and back bling.

Reward #7: Doctor Jones Emoticon

The first reward on page two is the Doctor Jones emoticon. To unlock this cosmetic item, you must find your way to one of the various boulders perched atop a hill. Once in front of a boulder, as shown below, you can pickaxe or shoot the massive rock. If the initial roll does not complete the challenge, you can pickaxe the rock to launch it even further. Eventually, you will unlock the cosmetic item after 100 meters.

Reward #8: Indy’s Dustoff

The eighth reward in the Indiana Jones Fortnite questline takes you to a new POI in patch v21.20 named Shuffled Shrines. This area is south of Sanctuary and west of The Joneses. First, you will glide into the location and head into the building displayed in the second image below. Next, head inside the structure and search for the long hallway in the third image below. Once you run in there, you’ll unlock the Indy’s Dustoff emote.

Reward #9: Indy’s Escape Spray

The Indy’s Escape spray comes next in the Indiana Jones Fortnite questline. This challenge tasks players with storing a Mythic or Exotic item in a tent. It’s much easier to purchase an Exotic item since they are available in multiple locations. 

For this challenge, we acquired the Shadow Tracker from The Ruins landmark located by The Daily Bugle. First, you must head to The Ruins and exchange gold bars for the weapon. Then, you can either pick up a tent item or search for one someone else deployed. We were able to find one on a building located inside The Daily Bugle. Once you have the weapon and the tent, you can store the Shadow Tracker, as shown below.

Reward #10, #11 & #12: First Misadventure Loading Screen, Emergency Raft & Indiana Jones (Temple Explorer)

These final three rewards are relatively straightforward to acquire and don’t require an extensive guide. You must deal 750 damage to opponents with a pistol to unlock the loading screen. Your best approach for this challenge is to utilize Team Rumble, as you can respawn, and there are plenty of opponents. Next, the Emergency Raft requires a top-five finish to unlock. You can complete this in any game mode except for Team Rumble.

Once you’ve completed the Indiana Jones Fortnite quests, you should have every cosmetic listed. Stay tuned to for more Fortnite news and updates!

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