Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite pack: Price and what’s included cover image

Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite pack: Price and what’s included

The rest of the Guardians are now in Fortnite!

The complete Guardians of the Galaxy have finally made it into Fortnite. Following a recent leak, Epic Games officially deployed the remaining Guardians members via a real-money bundle. However, those on PC or Xbox must wait to purchase it, as it's currently only available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Regardless, we are here to explain everything you need to know, including the price and what the bundle features.

Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite pack: Price and what's included

The mainstays of the Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite pack are Drax the Destroyer, Groot, and Mantis, all of whom retain their appearance from the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films. It's also worth noting that this is the second variation of a Groot skin, following his Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass skin.

Those looking to purchase the Guardians of the Galaxy pack can expect to pay $28.99 USD. This bundle requires you to spend real money instead of V-Bucks. If you decide to move forward, you will receive three base Outfits with LEGO variants, three Back Blings, three Pickaxes, and two Emotes.

Here is a complete list of what's included in the Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite bundle:

  • Drax Outfit
  • Drax's Blades Back Bling
  • Drax's Blades Pickaxe
  • Young Adult Groot Outfit
  • Groot's Gamepad Back Bling
  • Flora Colossus Fist Pickaxe
  • Mantis Outfit
  • Lil Abilisk Back Bling
  • Insectoid Claws Pickaxe
  • Zargnut Invisibility Emote
  • Potted Groot Dance Emote

How to unlock the GotG bundle in Fortnite

Epic Games threw PC and Xbox players a curveball with the Guardians of the Galaxy Fortnite bundle launch. Players on those platforms will find that the pack is absent from the Item Shop. However, leakers have indicated the GotG bundle will be available on PC and Xbox soon.

If you're eager to purchase it and cannot wait, you can do so on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch. Once you complete the purchase, all skins and cosmetics will transfer to your other platforms, provided they are all connected to the same Epic Games account.

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