Fortnite’s Snoop Dogg-inspired “Tidy” emote returns after nearly four years cover image

Fortnite’s Snoop Dogg-inspired “Tidy” emote returns after nearly four years

Are you hoping to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in Fortnite? Well, after four years, the ultra-rare “Tidy” emote is back!

Fortnite's "Tidy" emote became a rare commodity owned only by the OG players over the last few years. It first debuted in Chapter 1, and rumors indicated that lawsuits ensured it might never come back to the item shop. As a result, those who purchased the Snoop Dogg-inspired "Drop It Like It's Hot" emote owned Fortnite gold. 

Today, after 1,455 days, "Tidy" came out of retirement. Fortnite's December 5 item shop featured the third-rarest emote of all time. It's historically significant, and here is the whole story. 

What is Fortnite's Tidy emote, and why is it significant?

Tidy was one of Fortnite's many iconic emotes that tiptoed the line of copyright infringement. Like the Carlton Banks-inspired "Fresh" emote, "Tidy" was an obvious reference to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" dance. It debuted in Chapter 1 Season 3, on April 30, 2018, and became an instant hit with fans.

The legendary Fortnite dance resurfaced 11 times before going missing in action for almost four years. It last appeared in the item shop on December 12, 2018, nearly four years ago. Neither Epic Games nor Snoop Dogg explicitly explained Tidy's absence. Many surmised that Epic Games was stuck in legal disputes, similar to the "Fresh" emote we mentioned earlier. 

Tidy emote under the "Vaulted A Year Or More" category
Tidy emote under the "Vaulted A Year Or More" category

Whatever the case, Tidy is no longer one of the rarest emotes in Fortnite history. You can now load into Fortnite and purchase the emote for 500 V-Bucks. Those who might have a fear of missing out should grab it now. Epic Games could shelf Tidy for another four years. 

How did players react to the emote's return?

Anyone who dropped into Fortnite after December 12, 2018, missed out on one securing one of the rarest emotes. However, the wait is over, and collectors can add a rare gem to their locker. While many embraced the return of Fortnite's Tidy emote, some OGs that acquired the commodity back in 2018 felt personally attacked. 

A Reddit user penned a passionate response to Epic Games' decision, stating the following:

"That's it, that seals the deal. I have uninstalled fortnite, listed my fortnite themed Xbox console on marketplace for free and thrown my fortnite plushies in the fire. I won't support a company that throws their OG, supportive fans under the bus the way they have today."

Reddit user on the FortniteBR subreddit

While this user is joking, there is undoubtedly a school of Fortnite players that aren't happy with the decision. It's unclear how long the Snoop Dogg-inspired dance will be available in the item shop, so you should grab it before it's too late.

UPDATE: Fortnite pulls the plug on Tidy after two and a half hours

Mere hours after the item shop went live on December 5, Epic Games inexplicably removed the section featuring Tidy. The Fortnite Status Twitter account wrote the following in a tweet:

"We're aware the 'Vaulted a Year or More' section was briefly present in and is now missing from tonight's Item Shop. We'll continue to offer different versions of this section in the future."

Fortnite Status tweet

It's unclear whether this had to do with the Tidy emote or something else in the "Vaulted A Year Or More" section. Regardless, Tidy is no longer available and might never return after what unfolded yesterday evening.

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