Fortnite’s Late Game Arena is delayed… again cover image

Fortnite’s Late Game Arena is delayed… again

Fortnite’s initial release date for Late Game Arena has been pushed back. Read below to find out more information.

For those in the competitive Fortnite community, Late Game Arena has easily been one of the most significant additions to the game. Players can drop into an end game and get that fast pace, high-intensity action that no other game mode provides.

On October 6, 2022, Fortnite announced that they were working on bringing Late Game Arena back on November 1. Along with the game mode joining competitive playlists again, Fortnite also planned a competitive schedule featuring Late Game tournaments.

Unfortunately, Fortnite Late Game Arena will not be returning on this date

This expected date was shortlived, as Fortnite announced today that they will no longer be releasing Late Game Arena on the scheduled date of November 1.

"We are delaying Late Game Arena’s return beyond the communicated November 1 target date so we can continue making necessary improvements", said Fortnite via Twitter. "We'll provide an update when there’s more to share."

The game mode was brought back at the beginning of Chapter 3, Season 4, ensuring the player's excitement toward the new season. Sadly, this excitement came to a halt as Fortnite removed the game mode after only a few weeks.

This removal was due mainly to bugs within the game mode. At the time, Fortnite had announced they were working on fixing them.

Unfortunately, it still seems as if they are having a little bit of trouble figuring out what is wrong with the game mode.

Players hope for the game mode to release as soon as possible

Earlier this week, competitors had a speck of hope thrown their way. Fortnite accidentally put Late Game Arena in the normal playlist tab. Although the game mode itself would not work, this still gave players speculation that the game mode may be returning soon.

Then Fortnite released this announcement on Twitter.

It seems as if Fornite Late Game Arena still has some time before it is released again. We can only hope that it ends up being sooner than later. Stay tuned to for more news and updates