Fortnite announces the return of Late Game Arena cover image

Fortnite announces the return of Late Game Arena

“Late Game Arena” is returning to Fortnite! Here is everything you need to know.

The time has come. Fortnite has officially announced the return of "Late Game Arena," a widely anticipated return that players have literally begged the developers for. Get ready to drop in as a solo or with your friends and compete at this fast and highly skilled level of competition.

Here is everything you need to know about the return of Fortnite's Late Game Arena:

When will Late Game Arena be returning?

The game mode is currently set to return on August 30th, via Twitter announcements this morning. Players can expect to resume their late game practices early morning that day.

When Late Game Arena was originally released, it was just a set game mode that coincided with Bugha's ICON Series. The game only had the loot pool that existed during the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

After the game mode was removed, players immediately begged for its return. It created a new and adventurous way to play the game. Late Game allowed for players to essential practice their end game mechanics while having to not spend 15 minutes in the game beforehand.

The game saw the light of day for the rest of Chapter 2 but was removed at the beginning of Chapter 3. Since then, there has been no word from Epic on the game mode's return; until today.

What to expect alongside Late Game Arena's re-release

Whether or not this returning game mode will feature all team modes is unknown. In the past, there was solo, duo, and trio Late Game Arena. It is expected to resemble this past model, as this is also the current competitive roster.

Grab your buddies, get prepared as a solo, and get familiar with the loot pool, as Late Game Arena is ready to take over Fortnite once again. Let's just hope it is here to stay this time, and not be removed after a couple of months.