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Fortnite Winter WOTE: Best plays & moments

Here are the best plays and moments from the Winter Women of the eRena (WOTE), which boasted a massive $150K prize pool.

Thirty-three talented all-women trios across various regions just threw down in the $150K Fortnite Winter Women of the eRena (WOTE) tournament. Orchestrated in a partnership between eFuse and Epic Games, this string of competitions put talented female Fortnite players and content creators in the spotlight. In the last event, Team Mxddy won and edged out Team Sommerset to take home the lion’s share of $75K. 

This time, Team Mxddy, Team Sommerset, and many more returned for another shot before the new year. Here are some of the best plays and moments from the final Women of the eRena event of 2022.

Team Loserfruit opens Fortnite Winter WOTE game one with a win on 250 ping

The tournament began with three Zero Build followed by three Battle Royale matches. In game one, the team led by Australian content creator Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten earned an unlikely Victory Royale. Despite playing on severely high ping early in the morning, Loserfruit, AFKay, and Velxen dominated the field with 17 eliminations. Loserfruit and her teammates controlled the low ground wisely and took out the last team to win game one.

Team Girlybella takes game two from an advantageous angle

Game two of the Zero Build portion saw Team Girlybella, comprised of Girlybella, Rachida, and batchii, walk away with a 12-elimination Victory Royale. The match came down to two teams battling for hill positioning. Team Girlybella played the situation brilliantly, utilizing the slope to take shots at the opposing trio.

Team Sommerset arrives in game three

It was only a matter of time until the tournament favorites, Team Sommerset, arrived in the winner’s circle. The third Zero Build match was their moment, and Sommerset even called the victory beforehand. With superior positioning and plenty of bunkers in their favor, Sommerset, Sparkles_qt, and vanessuh delivered on their promise. The three ladies collected nine eliminations and the Victory Royale, lifting them to the top of the leaderboard.

Fortnite Winter WOTE tournament storylines intersect in game four

After three Zero Build matches, the leaderboard featured some formidable trios at the top. Then, game four added another level of intensity to the event. The first storyline in this match revolved around GazingNicole, whose team failed to make it into the game. As a result, the tournament operators restarted the match. 

It’s a good thing that happened for GazingNicole’s team, as they ultimately secured second place. Team Loserfruit also landed a top-three finish in game four on the shoulders of Velxen. Finally, though, Team Turntdais claimed the Victory Royale with seven eliminations. The fourth game set up an exciting finish with many talented trios in contention.

Team Mxddy wins game five amid fire alarm issues

With only two games remaining, the leaderboard remained close at the top. Consistency became part of the game plan for those hoping to hold their position. As the game ended, vanessuh of Team Sommerset solo clutched a third-place finish to keep her trio in the discussion. However, the WOTE defending champions Team Mxddy, comprised of Mxddy, Yqzmin, and kelszy, played the match brilliantly and ultimately won despite Mxddy’s fire alarm causing some issues

Team Angie closes out the tournament with a W

After nearly missing out on game four, Team Angie rallied in an impressive way to close the tournament. GazingNicole and GraShellz remained alive into the end game with the high-ground advantage. The two players then dropped down and thwarted the efforts of Team Mxddy, who had just won the previous match. 

Sommerset, Sparkles_qt, and vanessuh are your Fortnite Winter WOTE Champions

With game six in the pocket, viewers anxiously awaited the final leaderboard. The official broadcast finally revealed the results, crowning Team Sommerset the Winter WOTE Champions. It was a career-defining moment for Sommerset, Sparkles_qt, and vannesuh after their heartbreaking second-place finish in the last WOTE competition.

In a post-tournament interview, Sommerset reflected on finishing runner-up by one point in the last tournament and believing that her team could win. To close out the year, Team Sommerset is the winner of $24K, and all three competitors ensured that this team is a force to be reckoned with, but let’s not forget about the others. Fortnite Icon Series members Loserfruit and Chica saw their teams take second and third, respectively.

The Fortnite Winter WOTE tournament proved that the competitive Fortnite scene features some outrageously talented women. We now turn to 2023 to see what more eFuse and Epic Games have in store for Women of the eRena.

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