Fortnite v28.20 patch notes: Everything included in the update cover image

Fortnite v28.20 patch notes: Everything included in the update

Here is everything new in the Fortnite v28.20 update, including what to expect when the TMNT event begins on February 9!

The highly-anticipated Fortnite v28.20 arrived early this morning following the usual downtime period. Ahead of the Fortnite TMNT Cowabunga event, everything is coming together as Chapter 5 Season 1 continues. However, the Ninja Turtles collaboration has taken center stage. Also, Epic Games has deployed some changes to Rocket Racing and LEGO Fortnite.

Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite v28.20 update!

Laying the foundation for the big TMNT update (LEAKS AHEAD!)

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Not much immediately changed from a Battle Royale perspective after the downtime ended for the Fortnite v28.20 update. However, that doesn't mean leaks did not find their way into Twitter feeds. To summarize what became public knowledge, you can find a list of the information below:

  • New TMNT Mythic Fortnite items will launch during the Cowabunga event.
    • Donatello's Bo
    • Leonardo's Katanas
    • Michaelangelo's Nunchuks
    • Raphael's Sais
  • The Mythic items above will be available via Ninja Turtles Supply Drops, which are themed to each character.
  • A new TMNT Fortnite Hoverboard is another themed item set for the event.
  • A Splinter Outfit, Pickaxe, and Back Bling will arrive following the Friday update.
  • Leaks have confirmed a separate Battle Pass with various TMNT-themed cosmetics.
  • There will be a TMNT "Turtle Lair" point of interest (POI).

The Shredder Skins revealed during Fortnite v28.20 downtime

The Cowabunga event will feature two Shredder Outfits: standard and Super Shredder. Each comes with a LEGO variant alongside a pair of Back Bling cosmetics. One Back Bling is the TMNT villain known as Krang, and another is a pizza box branded with "TMNT Pizza." Additionally, Shredder's Fortnite skins include a pair of capes.

Fortnite Rocket Racing updates

Epic Games has updated Rocket Racing in the latest patch, adding two advanced tracks: Festive Falls 2 and Day Drifting 2. Additionally, players can unlock additional smoke colors by completing Ranked Challenges under the Season Zero Tune Up Quests.

Here is a list of improvements and bug fixes:

  • We’ve heard your feedback on collisions (both player-to-player and colliding with the environment) throughout Season Zero and agree. We’re continuing to improve these and have made collisions far less extreme in v28.20. Let us know what you think of these changes!
  • Driving into a hazard no longer turns off throttle for the duration of the hazard effect. It now applies a higher speed reduction penalty and imposes reduced acceleration so it doesn’t interfere with drifts.
    • We'll be monitoring how this improvement shakes out across Season Zero. Please give us your feedback on if this adjustment improves the racing experience.
  • We’ve added a setting for icon-only nameplates.
  • Fixed an issue where spectators were sometimes removed for being idle as a race was finishing.
  • Fixed an issue where going Turbo after speed boosting or drafting would cause you not to gain as much speed as intended.
  • Image quality is now improved on the post-race screen.

LEGO Fortnite changes in update v28.20

Like Rocket Racing, LEGO Fortnite experienced changes in the Fortnite v28.20 patch. Players can now craft a Hunting Dagger to take with them on adventures, with four variants: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The following Fortnite Outfits have officially received LEGO variants in this update:

  • Black Widow (Snow Suit)
  • Blitz Brigade (Team Fortnite)
  • Crossbar Crusher (Team Fortnite)
  • Formation Fighter (Team Fortnite)
  • Launch Day Lewis Hamilton
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Pass Rush Ranger (Team Fortnite)
  • Punt Paragon (Team Fortnite)
  • Red Zone Renegade (Team Fortnite)
  • Scrimmage Scrapper (Team Fortnite)
  • Snap Squad (Team Fortnite)
  • TD Titan (Team Fortnite)
  • Trench Runner (Team Fortnite)

Here is a list of LEGO Fortnite improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes via the patch notes:


  • You can fly faster in Sandbox worlds!
  • It’s easier to place builds close to each other.
  • Commute and converse… You can talk to Villagers while on a moving object, including a Dynamic Foundation!
  • Items will be returned to your inventory after you change recipes at a Crafting Bench.
  • Tree logs will remain between gameplay sessions.
  • Village Squares can no longer be placed on things not attached to the ground, since this was causing Village Squares to break.
  • Upgrading a Crafting Bench while another player is using it will work properly. (Waste your resources no more!)
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Deposit” or “Deposit Stack” options to put seeds in soil could make seeds go missing.
  • Fixed an issue where getting resources from Chests wouldn’t make recipes unlock.
  • Fixed an issue where the building limitation system would sometimes report that an area was too dense to build in, even though it wasn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where the cold status could stay on you if you were eliminated with the status.
  • Fixed an issue where wolves would sometimes run away from you for no reason.
  • Reduced the likelihood of the same Villager spawning twice.
  • The grass is always greener over there, and apparently the storms are louder… A storm happening in the Grasslands will no longer scare Villagers in other biomes.


  • The frame rate when shadows are around is improved.
  • Improved stability so that crashes aren’t as likely.
    Fixed an issue where Dynamic Foundations could disappear when traveling long distances at high speeds.
  • Fixed an issue where Toys could disappear after builds on a nearby Dynamic Foundation broke.
  • Fixed an issue where some crumbled builds could be pushed by players.


  • A “Take All” option has been added to Chests. This is a quick way to get all of a stored resource!

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