Fortnite’s Console Champion’s series is getting a Zero Build tournament! Here is everything we know:

Fortnite has been hosting its own Console Champion series for some time now, as Epic is making sure that people playing consoles, that do not have the hardware to compete against high-end computers, still get their fair chance at competing. And this time, they're making their console series a Zero Build tournament.

Zero Build
Zero Build

Here is everything we know so far:

Fortnite's $250,000 Zero Build Console Champions cup is coming in August!

As of now, very little information has been released on the new Console Champions series. For the most part, we know three things.

First, the cup will be held on August 13th and 14th. This is perfect timing for most players, seeing that Fortnite's primary player base is made up of a younger audience. This is scheduled right before school starts, giving kids one last chance to compete during the summer.

Second, the cup has a $250,000 USD prize pool. How that prize pool will be distributed, however, is unknown at this time. This is seemingly the largest prize pool Epic or any other company has put in towards a Zero Build tournament.

Thirdly, it was leaked by popular leaker "Hypex" that the tournament will be held over four different rounds. Each round will have the top players move on to the next. This format is no different than previous Fortnite events.

Any other information on this tournament has not yet been released. Epic is currently hosting a PlayStation series that's played in the regular competitive game mode. It's likely we'll receive more details once that event has concluded.

Zero Build is taking over the Fortnite scene

Whether you like it or not, Zero Build is here to stay. The new mode just got its own competitive mode within the game, allowing for players to grind points. Zero Builds has pulled in a whole new player base to the game, giving Fortnite some of the highest consecutive player numbers it has had in a long time.

Both traditional Fortnite and Zero Build Fortnite can coexist together, and we will be seeing a lot more tournaments being held in both modes in the future.