Starting today, Fortnite Zero Build fans can experience the first-ever Arena Mode for a limited time only while earning rewards.

Fortnite's recently unveiled Zero Build mode recaptured the magic many players experienced back in 2017. Released in Chapter 3 Season 2, Epic Games brilliantly removed the unique building function temporarily to gauge player feedback. Sure enough, Zero Build took on a life of its own and now coexists with the building mode casually and competitively. 

It was only a matter of time before Epic Games acknowledged the elephant in the room—a competitive Zero Build mode. The developers granted the wishes of team no-build today, announcing a dedicated Zero Build Arena Mode. 

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Mode emerges

Since its release in March, Epic Games have hosted multiple Fortnite Zero Build tournaments. Furthermore, Twitch threw its hat into the ring with several Twitch Rivals competitions with hundreds of thousands up for grabs. Subsequently, recognizable players such as Turner "Tfue" Tenney, Nate Hill and Zemie have dominated Zero Build. Meanwhile, some high-tier Battle Royale players have found similar success. 

Now, Epic Games has provided a venue to practice Fortnite Zero Build. From now until August 30th, players can experience Zero Build Arena Mode in all its glory. Here's a snippet from Epic's blog post regarding this new experience:

"Zero Build Arena is finally here for a limited time! Grab your Shockwave Grenades and shield up with your trio, because it's time to climb the leagues. Zero Build Trios Arena is available now for a limited time running from July 12 to August 30, 2022, with fill enabled."

Epic Games blog post

What to expect, rewards, loot pool & more

Zero Build Arena Mode remains nearly identical to traditional Arena Mode. Firstly, the "hype" scoring system emulates what you see in Trios Arena Mode. However, unlike conventional Arena, you will see weapons such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Shockwave Grenades and more. 

Furthermore, those up for the task can earn rewards while playing Zero Build Arena Mode. Once reaching 400 Hype, Contender League and Champion League, you'll acquire free in-game cosmetic items. 

Here is what you can earn:

  • 400 Hype: Drippy Drift Spray
  • Contender League: GGG Emoticon
  • Champion League: GOATICON Emoticon

What does Zero Build Arena mean for the future?

TwitchCon San Diego
TwitchCon San Diego

Zero Build is not going anywhere, and that's abundantly clear. Undoubtedly, the mode requires fine-tuning to ensure a level playing field across the board. There's no denying the mode's success and how much it reinvigorated those who moved on from Fortnite. Epic and Twitch have teamed up for the upcoming $200K Zero Build competition at TwitchCon San Diego this October. 

It's safe to say Fortnite Zero Build is here to stay, and the new Arena Mode is evidence of that. We'll have to see how it works out, as ultimately, Epic will make the call on if this becomes permanent. 

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