Late Game Arena is back, with some of the best weapons from previous seasons and chapters.

The eve of Late Game Arena returning is here, and players are ecstatic as they wait for the game mode to drop. With the anticipation looming, Fortnite took to Twitter today to announce all the official details of Late Game Arena, including the return of some popular weapons.

Here are all the details you need to know about Late Game Arena returning.

Late Game Arena is here, bringing the Legendary Pump Shotgun back into action!

With their announcement this morning, Fortnite made sure to include the fact that the Legendary Pump Shotgun will be making its return to the game. This notorious weapon is a favorite amongst Fortnite fans, as it has not been in the game since the end of Chapter 2.

Many creators expressed their excitement for the return of the Legendary Pump Shotgun. "The Pump shotgun returns to Fortnite tomorrow, in Late Game Arena", said Ali-A on Twitter.

Fortnite also specified that quite a bit of other popular loot from past chapters and seasons will be included in the Late Game Arena mode. This has fans waiting eagerly to see which of their favorite weapons and items will make it back into the game.

Additional information about Late Game Arena's return

Players will be spawning in the game a little differently than normal now. Instead of players dropping off a battle bus, players will rift spawn onto the island. This will combat too many people going down too early.

In the original game mode, you would sometimes see too many people become eliminated within the first minute. This took away the simulation of a competitive late game.

Fortnite will also be including an in-game scoreboard. This will allow players to track their progress and compete amongst friends and other Fortnite players.

The best is still ahead of us. Fortnite continues to surprise people every day with new game modes and tournaments. Get prepared, grab your loot, and see you in the late game!

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