Here’s everything included in the 2024 Fortnite Summer Event!

Fortnite's summer event is officially under way in 2024. Dubbed "All Sweat Summer," this year's event does not offer as much as previous years. However, players can still unlock various free rewards by completing Quests. Epic Games has also made some crucial gameplay adjustments that are worth noting. Here's a complete breakdown of the Fortnite Summer Event 2024 patch notes.

All Sweat Summer Quests and Rewards

The Fortnite Summer 2024 "All Sweat Summer" Quests are now live. You can unlock all three rewards shown above by completing 20 challenges. The rewards include a Wrap, Glider, and Back Bling. Although only three Quests are currently available, more will progressively unlock through the All Sweat Summer event.

All Sweat Summer Quests

  • Complete 10 Quests - Unlocks Water Levels Wrap
  • Complete 15 Quests - Unlocks Summer Sail Shark Glider
  • Complete 20 Quest - Unlocks Deck Ducky Back Bling
  • Eliminate Players (multiple stages) - 25,000 XP
  • Reach the Top 50 players in Zero Build (0/3) - 25,000 XP
  • Reach the Top 50 players in Battle Royale (0/3) - 25,000 XP

Gameplay changes in the Fortnite Summer Event 2024

In addition to the All Sweat Summer Quests, Epic Games changed up the gameplay dynamic in Chapter 5 Season 3. Those adjustments include the disabling of vehicles, vehicle items, and Nitro Fists. Non-player characters (NPCs) are also no longer hirable for the duration of the Fortnite Summer Event 2024.

Here's a complete list of the gameplay changes:

  • Vehicles and vehicle items are disabled, including Boss Cars
  • Nitro Fists are also disabled
  • Characters are no longer Hireable, but hostile Characters and Bosses (and their Medallions) are still present.

Considering the overall theme of Chapter 5 Season 3, this is a significant change. According to the post above, Epic Games made this change in Zero Build and Battle Royale to closely resemble a tournament setting. It will likely last until the end of the Fortnite Summer Event 2024.

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