Popular Fortnite creator, Reddysh, hosts a $25,000 co-ed multi-regional tournament.

With a solid base holding their competitive scene together, Fortnite continues to separate itself from other games. But just how many of these competitive players are women? Popular content creator and competitive Fortnite player Reddysh has been making strives within the community to give more women competitors opportunities.

In fact, the GXR content creator just teamed up with BoomTV to host a $25,000 co-ed Fortnite tournament, called the "Reddysh Rumble". The event, which happened on Thursday, March 16, was a huge success; setting the bar high for future tournaments.

Hosting a co-ed event, Reddysh pushes for women to get involved in the competitive Fortnite scene

Being one of the top competitors in the Women of the eRena tournaments, Reddysh has a burning admiration towards the Fortnite competitive realm. The creator decided to approach Epic Games with the idea of hosting a co-ed tournament, where each duo had to be made up of a woman and a man.

Not only did they love her idea, but they also asked Reddysh to host it herself.

"I was thrilled," said Reddysh. "After placing Top 5 four times in the Women of the eRena events last year, I feel like Epic Games already knew how passionate I am about seeing women get involved in the competitive scene."

Not only did Reddysh's unique eye for entertainment come through, but her idea of experience for the players involved was nothing short of clever.

"I was so happy because they understood that for us girls, the opportunity to play with Tier 1 pro players or with top content creators is super valuable and such a great learning experience," said Reddysh. "You don't really get to watch co-ed teams in a competitive environment often."

The creator knew this unique idea would pay off from a viewer's experience too.

"I think this tournament was just the best mix of intense gameplay plus entertainment."

Not only was the tournament co-ed, but it also ran on multiple regions

With Fortnite being a multi-regional game, it can be difficult for some players to find opportunities within their region. Reddysh opted for making this an easier experience for others.

"All the girls-only tournaments I have ever played in have run on NA servers," said Reddysh. "And I'm from Europe. I live in Romania."

This gave Reddysh the idea to run the tournament on EU and NA servers, switching regions throughout the tournament.

"I wanted to give the opportunity to my fellow EU people to have the same chances as the NA players, without the ping disadvantage. It was fascinating to see that even though we ran the tourney on both NA and EU servers, some captains chose duos from the same region and some chose duos from the other region."

Reddysh herself played with popular EU Fortnite pro, Malibuca.

"It was truly an international event."

Zero Build vs Build: both game modes found their way into the $25,000 tournament

With extensive experience in both Zero Build and regular Fortnite events, Reddysh understood how some players may have strengths in one mode over the other. This sparked a proposition in her mind, giving her the idea to make the tournament feature both.

"Teams that didn't do well in Builds had the chance to pop off in Zero Build," said Reddysh. "The leaderboard changes were so fun to watch."

Aside from tournament specifics, the Reddysh Rumble's main goal was to bring a community together, reminding people that gaming is for everyone.

"In the end, the $25k GXR Reddysh Rumble was special because the teams were phenomenal and they brought the best vibes. I'm really hoping for a part two."

The future is bright for the Fortnite community

Not only does Reddysh hope to see more events take place involving women competitors, but she also hopes to see more tournaments with a mix of creators and pro players ensue.

Her dedication to helping the scene fill with opportunities for everyone is what makes Reddysh stand out; not only as a creator but as a genuine and extremely kind human being.

Make sure to check out her Twitch.

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