What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than hosting a $75,000 all-women Fortnite tournament?

To celebrate International Women's Day, eFuse hosted another Women of the eRena (WOTE) Fortnite event. The tournament consisted of 50 duos and a hefty $75,000 prize pool.

The all-women tournament was announced only a little over a week ago but had gained quite a bit of traction publicly. With women all over the world competing, the tournament was setting the stage for some intense action.

From Romania to the US, women from around the world competed in WOTE's $75,000 Fortnite tournament

Not only did the tournament comprise of North American competitors, but players like Reddysh, who live on the other side of the world in Romania, also competed.

Despite Reddysh's higher ping, her team ended up claiming fourth place at the end of the tournament.

The formatting for this tournament was a bit different than your typical Fortnite event. The first three matches played were Zero Build and then the last three were regular Battle Royale.

This allowed for more diverse gameplay and let players show their greatest strengths within the game. Fortnite has always been about change, so having a tournament adjust its format mid-way through seems fitting.

Sommerset's duo wins it all with 3 victory royales

The night ended with an intense clutch via Vanessuh and Sommerset. The duo had already taken two victory royales earlier in the tournament, so to walk out with multiple wins was impressive.

Vanessuh ended the game with a solo clutch as she grabbed height with only three players left.

The tournament not only served the itch for competition but also created a space for women in the Fortnite scene to link up.

"My favorite part is definitely meeting all the new ladies, becoming friends with them and practicing for weeks prior," said Laviishlily in an interview with eFuse.

The year has just begun, meaning we should expect to see more large WOTE events as 2023 progresses. Happy International Women's Day!

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