Fortnite Paradise: Season 4 Battle Pass leaks, teasers, & more cover image

Fortnite Paradise: Season 4 Battle Pass leaks, teasers, & more

Details have come to light regarding Fortnite’s newest season, which now has the name “Paradise” following Epic’s viral marketing campaign.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is rapidly approaching. The teasers and leaks have begun with only seven days left in Season 3. While Epic Games has not set anything in stone, fans have an idea of what to expect when Chapter 3 Season 4, which now possesses the name "Fortnite Paradise," arrives sometime next weekend. 

Today, we bring you a comprehensive list of everything we know thus far about the new season. That information includes the theme, title, and some Battle Pass leaks. Be warned—spoilers may lie within these details, so those wanting to maintain an element of surprise should steer clear. 

Fortnite Season 4 dubbed "Paradise"

First discovered by reliable leaker HYPEX, the new season has an official title. Dubbed Paradise, Epic Games launched a new Fortnite website in anticipation of Chapter 3 Season 4. When navigating to the website, you'll find the words "Fortnite Paradise" above September 18, 2022—presumably the season's launch date. Furthermore, there's an audio teaser on the website, which seems to be nothing more than an ominous sustained noise. 

Chrome theme for Fortnite Paradise

Thus far, the information from multiple sources indicates Fortnite Season 4 utilizes a chrome theme. The teasers, which we'll cover separately, have a strong presence of chrome. Season 4's first teaser surfaced last week via HYPEX and Twitter user gameshed_. This teaser depicts The Seven member — "The Paradigm" — as her hand emerges from a pool of chrome liquid. 

We already know that actress Brie Larson will most likely provide the voice for The Paradigm. Therefore, a season centered around this character makes sense. However, it's unclear how exactly the chrome aspect plays in Fortnite Paradise. 

Interesting teasers

There's a healthy dose of chrome in the first two Fortnite Paradise teaser videos. As tweeted by Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, the first official teaser depicts a man preparing a bowl of cereal. However, he infects his breakfast with a chrome liquid. The Llama O's cereal hardens with chrome and proceeds to take over his kitchen. 

The second teaser shows a woman treating plants with an "organic pesticide" only to find out it's the same chrome liquid. She sprays her tomato plant, and, you guessed it, the chrome color starts to infect her plants and furniture. 

These teasers might not have any explicit meaning; Epic Games is likely having fun with viral Fortnite Paradise marketing. In any case, we can expect chrome to be a central theme in Season 4. 

Battle Pass leaks: Spider-Gwen and Goth Meowscles

According to HYPEX, there are two surefire characters set to appear in the Fortnite Paradise Battle Pass. The first is Spider-Gwen—a popular character from Sony's "Spider-Verse" series of movies. Moreover, Spider-Gwen rumors have been circulating since Chapter 3 Season 1, considering Spider-Man's Battle Pass presence. The Spider-Verse character will appear next season, and Miles Morales may be along for the ride. 

Last but not least, we have confirmation per HYPEX of a new spin on Meowscles. This time, Meowscles lost his muscles and instead has gone goth. The Season 4 iteration depicts the fan-favorite character in dark clothing and a beanie hat. Leakers have only referred to this take as "Goth Meowscles."

It's also worth noting that, despite rumors, the Fortnite Paradise Battle Pass utilizes the same layout we've seen through all of Chapter 3. 

That covers everything we know about Fortnite Paradise just seven days from release. It's not clear whether fans will see The Foundation and Agent Jones come back into the equation. In any case, we'll be sure to add any additional information to this article. Be sure to check back for more in the coming days. 

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