Brie Larson may be getting her own Fortnite skin, with rumors of her already representing a character within the game.

Brie Larson, of Marvel movie fame, may be getting her own Fortnite skin. The actress would not only have a her own ICON Series skin but it would possibly be a part of the game's storyline.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, it was revealed that the "Foundation," a prominent character within the game, was played by Dwayne Johnson. This opened up the possibility that more and more characters could be played by popular figures.

The trusted Fortnite leaker, Hypex, took to Twitter today to announce the rumor that Brie Larson may be joining the game. She is possibly in the works to receive an ICON Skin as the in-game character the "Paradigm".

Brie Larson more than likely has been the voice of Paradigm

Johnson playing the Foundation had been rumored for ages. This rumor wasn't confirmed until the end of Chapter 2 going into Chapter 3. During the chapter-ending event last season, Fortnite revealed the use of Johnson within the game, in quite a flashy way.

Now as we have just a few more weeks to Chapter 3: Season 4, it is wondered whether the season-ending event will reveal Larson's part in the game.

Hypex has also revealed a 90% confirmation that Larson is the voice of Paradigm. Whether or not this is true is still being speculated. Hopefully, it will be revealed within the next Season or two.

A locker bundle was also given to Larson last year when it was revealed that she played Fortnite.

Fortnite is notorious for surprises. It is not unlikely that Larson or any other large celebrity is the voice for any of the Fortnite characters. As the game's story progresses we will likely find out more information.

Who would you like to see represented in Fortnite?

As Fortnite continues to thrive in the gaming community and mass media, there is a good possibility that we will keep seeing more and more people represented within the game. Today we got the announcement that football star Patrick Mahomes will be joining the Fortnite realm.

With how many celebrities and media figures have joined the game, makes us beg the question, "Who would you want to see represented in Fortnite?"