See what’s new in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: Mega.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, also known as “Mega,” is officially here. The latest significant game update arrived early this morning with a lot of unique additions. Rumors of a “Neo Tokyo” overhaul were confirmed shortly after the downtime. Not only does Fortnite’s new season carry a new theme, but also new locations, vehicles, weapons, Reality Augments, and more. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Mega. 

Four new POIs to explore

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s new season earned its name from a POI called MEGA City. You can find this spot slightly south of the map's middle section in all its neon glory. Three other POIs have also joined the Chapter 4 landscape, and all new spots surround MEGA City. 

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Here’s a list of each new location:

  • MEGA City
  • Steamy Springs
  • Drift Ridge
  • Kenjutsu Crossing

Rail Grinding mechanic makes its debut in Fortnite Mega

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

A new Rail Grinding movement mechanic has emerged this season. This maneuver is straight out of a Tony Hawk game, allowing you to slide down rails and skate around while firing your weapon.

You can utilize the mechanic mostly in MEGA City. However, the trade-off for this new mechanic is the removal of slide kicking. 

New vehicles: Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

Kicking off this new season is a pair of new vehicles; the Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter. The Rogue Bike is a two-person motorcycle that goes fast, turns sharply, and offers a boost to drivers. 

Additionally, there’s the Nitro Drifter — a four-seater with supreme handling. It’s worth noting that the following vehicles and mods have been vaulted for Fortnite Mega in place of the Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter:

  • Chonkers Off-road Tires
  • Cow Catcher
  • Motorboats

What weapons are in Fortnite Mega?

The new Fortnite season offers a blend of brand-new weapons and some returning favorites. First, we'll look at the four new weapons, including the highly-anticipated Kinetic Blade. 

  • Kinetic Blade - A melee weapon with a Knockback Slash and Dash Attack
  • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle - Silenced, highly accurate, and fully automatic
  • Havoc Pump Shotgun - A high-damage Shotgun
  • Overclocked Pulse Rifle - Mythic Pulse Rifle

Here are some returning weapons from previous seasons, such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Exotic Heisted weapons. 

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Cobra DMR
  • Dragon’s Breath Sniper
  • Heisted Breacher Shotgun
  • Heisted Accelerant Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG
  • Heisted Blink Mag SMG
  • Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Red-Eye Assault Rifle
  • Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle
  • Twin Mag SMG
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Chug Cannon
  • Slurp Juice

Reality Augments return in Chapter 4 Season 2

Reality Augment system
Reality Augment system

The Reality Augment mechanic introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1, is back in Fortnite Mega. This time, Epic Games presents six new Reality Augments along with some returning favorites.

Here’s a look at the new perks and how they benefit you:

  • Dumpster Diving - Loot will spawn nearby when you leave a hiding place. Can occur once per hiding place.
  • Treasure Hunter - Nearby Chests are marked the first time you enter a POI. 
  • Slap Surplus - Find a Slap Juice in every Chest you open. If the Chest already had a Slap Juice, it'll have an extra one!
  • Munitions Slide - Gain medium ammo while sliding.
  • Medium Ammo Amp - Your weapons using medium ammo will have an increased magazine size.
  • Shotgun Recycle - Weapons using Shotgun ammo have a chance not to consume ammo.
  • Dignified Finish - Eliminations refresh a cooldown for the Kinetic Blade’s Dash Attack.

Below, you will find a list of returning Reality Augments you’ll be able to add to your loadout in Fortnite Mega:

  • Light Fingers
  • Sniper Surplus
  • Aerialist
  • Chug Gunner 
  • Jelly Angler
  • Bloodhound
  • Shadow Striker
  • More Parkour 
  • Keymaster

Competitive Fortnite notes for Chapter 4 Season 2 

While Fortnite Mega has introduced many new weapons, items, and vehicles, many do not apply to competitive game modes. Epic has left some things out to ensure a consistent experience in Arena. 

The following weapons, items, and reality augments are not included in Arena playlists:

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Heisted Exotics
  • Chug Cannon
  • Rogue Bike
  • Nitro Drifter
  • Sniper Surplus Reality Augment
  • Chug Gunner Reality Augment

The Rogue Bike and Nitro Drifter could be added later, but they are not in competitive playlists for now. 

That covers everything you need about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: Mega. We’ll be sure to update this article with anything we may have missed. 

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