Fortnite hotfix v20.30 Air Strike, trickshot weapons & more cover image

Fortnite hotfix v20.30 Air Strike, trickshot weapons & more

Fortnite Battle Royale hotfix v20.30 offers a blast from the past.

Fortnite hotfix v20.30 is here to provide more content in Chapter 3 Season 2. While not a significant update, Epic Games unvaulted some fan-favorite items for this go-around that should add more playability to an already expansive season. Moreover, the fourth and perhaps final funding station is right around the corner. Let's see what's new in Fortnite hotfix v20.30.

Air Strike item returns

Fortnite's Star Wars Day celebration is still underway and here comes another unexpected update. Introduced way back in Fortnite patch v9.30, the Air Strike item acted as the game's version of a Call of Duty scorestreak. When thrown, this grenade summoned a loud siren and missiles from above. 

The Air Strike entered the vault in Season X, where it remained until now. Fortnite players can find this item in Chests, Supply Drops and on the ground. However, it's unclear whether the statistics have changed.

Fortnite hotfix v20.30 brings back Flint-Knock & Hunting Rifle

The Air Strike is not the only weapon returning in Fortnite hotfix v20.30. For one week only, Epic Games has resurrected the trickshotters dream — the Flint-Knock Pistol and Hunting Rifle.

Those players desperately seeking some stylish eliminations should look no further. Both weapons will re-enter the vault on May 17th, so enjoy this limited-time experience while it lasts.

Donation Board: Balloons vs. Shield Bubble

The season's fourth and perhaps final funding effort pits Balloons and Shield Bubbles. These two old-school items have not appeared since Chapter 1. That all changes with Fortnite hotfix v20.30. Balloons grant players the ability to float fast or slow—depending on how many are available. On the other side, Shield Bubbles offer protection for 30 seconds. 

Both items have been temporarily unvaulted ahead of the voting period starting today. Players can test Balloons and Shield Bubbles out in-game before committing their hard-earned gold. After May 16, the donation boards will become available for funding.

None of the changes above directly affect competitive playlists such as Arena Mode, so fear not, FNCS participants. Here's a brief recap of Fortnite hotfix v20.30:

  • Air Strike grenade returns
  • Hunting Rifle and Flint-Knock pistol return
  • Shield Bubble and Balloon unvaulted ahead of Donation Board voting

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