Is Fortnite’s famous Chapter 1 returning?

You have all heard the rumors: Fortnite's Chapter 1 might be returning for a month or two after Chapter 4, Season 4 comes to an end. But will the beloved past actually make its way back to the Fortnite community?

It starting to seem so, especially with a secret package creators are receiving.

Fortnite's Chapter 1 may be returning...

Chapter 1 was arguably the best time for Fortnite players. Everyone was obsessed with the game and Epic Games was constantly releasing new updates, keeping the island fresh every week.

Since then, many have begged for any aspect of Chapter 1 to return. Well, we may finally be getting it.

Only a week ago, popular leakers on Twitter (X), such as Hypex and more, leaked that the next season could end up being a replica of Chapter 1.

Hypex's tweet hints at the possibility of us going through the entirety of Chapter 1 in just a month or two; meaning the map and loot pool will constantly see updates each week.

So when does Fortnite's Chapter 4, Season 4 end?

  • November 2, 2023

But is the word of a few leakers enough? Well, Fortnite may have also just given us a huge hint about Chapter 1's return.

Multiple Fortnite creators receive an unknown mystery box...

Epic Games is very good about including their Epic Partners. When the game does a major collaboration, packages will be sent to all of their partners with merch and more.

Now, though, Fortnite has sent creators a bit of an easter egg... but no one knows for sure what it means.

Multiple Epic Partners were given a box that is labeled "Fortnite, where we droppin'?" The significance of this phrase comes from the OG days of Fortnite, where everyone would ask that one simple question before hopping off the battle bus.

The Box also included a small screen with the creator's oldest clips from Chapter 1. Then, to top it all off, the mystery box had a vinyl record, which played the famous Chapter 1, Season 1 lobby music.

So what does this mean? Every creator was given this without any additional information. Is Chapter 1 officially about to make its return to Fortnite?

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