Region lock is no more in Fortnite!

Fortnite has effectively removed the region lock aspect from all tournaments for an undisclosed period. The news arrived today via social media, where Epic Games opened the floodgates for players to compete in tournaments outside their home region. This means that, excluding the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), European competitors can compete in North American tournaments and vice versa.

What does the removal of the Fortnite region lock mean?

For the past several seasons of Fortnite, Epic Games has instituted a restriction on players, prohibiting them from competing in tournaments in other regions. As a result, if you queued for a Solo Victory Cup in Europe, you could not queue for that same tournament on North American servers.

Fortnite's announcement today has eliminated the region lock restriction for all tournaments except the FNCS. This decision allows players to participate and earn money in Duos Cash Cups, Victory Cups, and more in as many regions as they'd like.

Overall, it's a worthwhile change, especially from a content perspective. Top players can compete in tournaments for as long as they'd like and stream to viewers rather than playing Ranked Mode.

Why did Epic Games make this decision?

As expected, Epic Games did not explain its decision to remove the region lock from Fortnite tournaments. People have surmised that Epic is reacting to the player count decrease in Chapter 5, Season 3. However, there is no evidence to support this theory. While it's possible that Epic could provide the reason, it's unlikely.

Removing the Fortnite region lock gives players a wider open field and more opportunities to earn cash playing the game. Those who tune into their favorite players can expect longer streams. Perhaps they will even double the streams to capitalize on this change.

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