Rock on: Fortnite Festival guitar controller from PDP revealed cover image

Rock on: Fortnite Festival guitar controller from PDP revealed

Controller maker PDP revealed its Fortnite Festival wireless guitar controller today, which means one thing: It’s time to rock once more.

Mayhaps this is showing my age a bit, but at one point I failed out of nursing school because of playing too much Guitar Hero and Rock Band. So, when Fortnite Festival arrived and forced me to finally download the game, I was shocked. And by that, I mean shocked by how it was those games, but in... Well, Fortnite. That clearly that sparked something in folks. Because now have a Fortnite Festival guitar controller coming from accessory maker PDP and it's time to shred once more.

Revealed by IGN this morning, the PDP Riffmaster wireless guitar controller works with Fortnite Festival, as well as Rock Band 4. Coming in both PlayStation and Xbox versions, there's a number of quality-of-life differences with these controllers that will--hopefully--make them last longer than the previous generation of plastic instruments.

Fortnite Festival PDP Riffmaster guitar controller details

The PDP Riffmaster wireless guitar controller for Fortnite Festival appears similar to past plastic guitars. However, there's a few notable upgrades in the mix that stand out. This includes a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, thumbstick on the back, a design for left and right-handed players, and a 36 hour estimated battery life. However, the biggest change from the old guitars is in its portability.

You might remember that the guitar controllers of yesteryear were two pieces of plastic: The body and the neck. This also led to increased wear and tear over time. However, the Riffmaster guitar controller for Fortnite Festival folds at the neck, allowing that fragile part to tuck behind the body. It's a massive change and one that should see increased durability and longevity for what are expensive controllers.

And speaking of price: We don't know it yet. Womp. However, PDP says to expect a release in the spring. Will the Fortnite Festival hype hold out long enough until then? It's hard to tell, but folks looking for a new guitar controller will be psyched.

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