Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 to end soon, but what made it such a success story? cover image

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 to end soon, but what made it such a success story?

The island flipped, the Foundation returned, and Spider-Man found his home as we take a look at what made Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 a hit.

Fortnite always loves to keep things fresh for their fan base. The game has seen the likes of aliens, prehistoric dinosaurs, and much more. Their most recent venture was the island flip that took place to set the stage for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1. But how good was it? We take a look.

Epic removed a huge arsenal of weapons forcing players to adapt

The entirety of this season was characterized by completely new weapons. Players no longer had their favorite pump shotgun or purple scar available to them. Everyone had to adapt to new playstyles, as completely new guns took over the island's loot pool.

These new weapons may have heard some backlash within the competitive scene, but players within the casual scene showed how playing with them could be a blast.

New shotguns, new SMGs, and even a new assault rifle called the MK-7 gave players an aim-down-sight red dot mechanic that completely changed how the game was played. This add to the game made players completely switch up their playstyle.

Throughout the season, we saw various players tend to lose the shotgun, and only run around with weapons such as the MK-7 and SMGs. This was a direct result of having weapons that were more focused on spraying than anything else.


This adjustment was new for players, and people had to really put their focus in new spots than before. This is what makes Fortnite such a great game. They are always changing how the game is played, and that constantly keeps players on their toes.

A compelling story for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1

Aside from playing the Battle Royale for the competition, Epic has never seized to surprise us with their fun and engaging storylines. Since the beginning of Fortnite, players have been able to take part in challenges and interactive content throughout the island that was part of a larger story.

The start of the season took place with your character being washed ashore after season two ended with the island flipping over. You then meet up with 'The Foundation', an infamous Fortnite character played by Dwayne Johnson.

The Foundation (Dwayne Johnson)
The Foundation (Dwayne Johnson)

The Foundation explains the flipping of the island and then sets you on a course to help save humanity. Players then were able to participate in challenges throughout the season that directly correlated with the Foundation's mission.

Fortnite has had a growing story since the start, but there are many reasons why this season's story stood out. Learning more about the Foundation was only a small part of this season. Chapter 2 began with us being transported to a whole new island, whereas Fortnite Chapter 3 began with the island flipping.

This leaves the mystery for players to ponder on where this world is going. Are we in the same universe as our first map in Chapter 1? Or are we in a whole new world? These changes have players on the edge of their seats as we are slowly getting more information.

Regardless of whether you play Fortnite for the story or not, its impact still changes the way players play the game.

Swinging around as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Whether you enjoyed the season or not, you cannot deny that these past few months have provided players with some of the greatest content in Fortnite history. Large content creators like SypherPK, Ninja, and Nick Eh 30 took the stage to show off how fun this game can be.

Starting the season strong, Spider-Man took a prominent place on the island. Not only was there a point of interest on the map dedicated to the web-slinger, but he even got his own cosmetic and item. Players were able to play as their favorite superhero from Queens.

The Spider-Man web-shooters were a fan favorite when it came to moving around the island. Players were able to find these gloves riddled throughout the map, and use them however they desired.

Fortnite has added items in the past that had to do with other franchises, such as the 'Mandalorian' rifle and the 'Star-Wars' lightsabers, but the web-shooters ultimately stood out most to players.

Being able to swing around the map was not the only perk that came along with this popular item. Players carrying the web-shooters in their inventory were also able to grab items from afar. Your character would shoot a web forward and latch on to whatever item was in sight, and quickly pull it towards you.

Another entertaining feature brought with the web-shooters was the animation. When swinging around, players could perform flips and fun poses mid-air. The mechanics were incredibly smooth, making it easy for players to adjust to the new style of gameplay.

Old school Fortnite celebrities returned to the game

Not only did we see some of the best content released from some of our favorite Fortnite streamers, but we also saw quite a few popular celebrities hop on the game. Earlier on in the season, Ninja and CourageJD collaborated with Grammy-winning artist, 'T-Pain'.

Watching their squad run around the map was an early highlight for the year. This brought players back to the times in chapter one when Ninja collaborated with popular artists such as 'Drake' and 'Travis Scott'.

With the growing popularity of esports and gaming, quite a few Hollywood celebrities are starting to make their way into the gaming scene. T-Pain has been on top of this industry. Having his own Twitch account, the former rapper streams weekly.

Bringing forth a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, T-Pain knows how to put on a show when streaming. Viewers flock to his stream daily, and having him play Fortnite will only help the game grow in positive ways.

Having these celebrities hop on the gaming train is only going to help advance the growth of esports at an alarming rate. This just goes to prove that there is a little bit of something in gaming for everyone.

Players reprised their role as Katniss Everdeen... The bow came back!

Due to popular demand, Epic brought back one of their most popular items, the bow-n-arrow. With multiple variations of this item, players were able to put their aim to the test, as they could find different ways to utilize the bow.

We saw the return of the shockwave bow, the fire bow, and more. This gave players unique advantages amongst others, depending on which bow they were able to find. The bow is a refreshing weapon to play with when being used to only using guns.

A personal favorite clip of mine is where popular creator 'Nick Eh 30' shot an arrow into the sky. The arrow then came back down due to gravity and eliminated the final player, giving him the victory royale. The video is linked below.

So what's next for Fortnite?

With the ending of a great season, this leaves us with the question, "What will Fortnite do next?". With an entire new loot pool added to the game, players can only wonder whether or not we will see old items return, or are these new weapons here to stay?

Will Fortnite collaborate with another series like Spider-Man for next season? Or will we see something completely new? Fortnite changes every season, but will this next season be a change that keeps us playing?

Either way, Fortnite knows how to leave us on our toes. The excitement is real as we wait for the much-anticipated start of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season Two.