“I expect the Global Championship to be bigger and better than the Invitational. That is going to be hard, which says a lot about how I think Globals will go.”

The 2023 FNCS Global Championship is less than a week away. Players have already begun to make their way to Copenhagen, preparing for what will most certainly be a legendary event. Amongst those heading to Europe are various Fortnite Casters and Analysts, including Jacob "Jacob PR" Arce.

Jacob, who has been casting Fortnite for over two years now, shared his excitement for the upcoming LAN event.

Jacob PR speaks Fortnite, his casting journey and more

Over five years ago, Jacob found himself looking to explore a new career; a career in esports casting. His passion for gaming stemmed far, as he had continuously worked with various organizations to help grow different programs, including Fortnite.

Organizations like Ghost Gaming and more were lucky enough to experience Jacob's help, as he worked with large names like Aydan, Saf, Bizzle and more.

Soon after switching over to Fortnite, Jacob was quickly able to find success.

"I first started casting Fortnite for third-party events," said Jacob in an exclusive interview. "I was casting for Friday Fortnite, G2 Esports, PlayVS and more."

It wasn't too long after he ventured into the world of Fortnite that Jacob was asked to appear on the official Fortnite broadcast.

"I was welcomed into the FNCS broadcast and instantly had support from pro players RichHomieQuinn and BatmanBugha, who helped me learn the West Region," said Jacob.

The start of his FNCS career put Jacob commentating over the North-American West region, which sadly has lost its broadcast. Still, Jacob continuously cast over other regions during FNCS.

"I also have to thank fellow casters LifewPanda, ClayStehling and Kelly Link for their help and support."

Now, Jacob is set to cast during the FNCS 2023 Global Championship, which is taking place this month (October 2023) in Copenhagen.

"I will always give 200% each time I take the stage and I couldn’t be happier."

Jacob PR

"So from the invitational to now, I feel blessed. I feel like I belong here," said Jacob. "I will always give 200% each time I take the stage and I couldn’t be happier."

Jacobs shares his thoughts on the 2023 FNCS Global Championship

Jacob, who is prepping himself for this weekend's tournament, decided to share his thoughts going into such a large event.

"I expect the Global Championship to be bigger and better than the Invitational," said Jacob. "That is going to be hard, which says a lot about how I think Globals will go."

Jacob, who casted alongside MonsterDFace during the Fortnite Invitational last November (2022), is taking the stage once again this October, but this time the Fortnite LAN event is in Copenhagen.

But which teams is Jacob looking out for going into Globals?

"From NA, I have my eyes on Eomzo and Rise for sure," said Jacob. "They have been a force to reckon with this season."

Eomzo and Rise aren't the only two on his mind though.

"Also, Bugha. He has a chance to reclaim the throne as the best in the history of Fortnite."

NA is not the only region though that Jacob is watching out for. EU, the biggest region in the world, has quite the set of players for Jacob to keep an eye out for.

"Queasy and Veno are out for revenge," said Jacob. "We all remember the chance they took on themselves in game 12 of the Invitation last year to try and win it all. I think they could take it this year if they find their form."

Don't forget some of the regions with less competitive Fortnite players. Jacob is expecting these competitors to put up quite a big fight too.

"As entire regions, I have my eyes on Brazil and Asia also. Last invitational they showed up BIG. This is their chance to continue to our respect in their region as a whole."

Globals are almost here! Here is where you can find Jacob

Looking to find Jacob on social media before this year's Globals begin? You can find the Fortnite caster here, on his X page.

Jacob, who consistently casts Duo Cash Cups on his Twitch streams, where he encourages gamers to come ask him questions regarding Fortnite and the casting world.

Stay tuned to esports.gg for more Fortnite and esports news.

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