Get ready for some high-level Fortnite in the upcoming $2 million FNCS Major 2!

Competitive Fortnite is on the precipice on the second of four Major tournaments this year, leading up to the $2 million FNCS Global Championship this summer. On the heels of FNCS Major 1, a lot has changed in the Fortnite competitive scene. Epic Games has combined NA East and NA West into one region dubbed NA Central. Additionally, the qualification process for FNCS Major 2 differs from Major 1.

Now that the details are official, here is everything you need to know about FNCS Major 2 and beyond.

FNCS Major 2: format explained and how to qualify

The road to the FNCS Global Championship 2023 is well underway following FNCS Major 1. However, the format has changed slightly compared to last season. Epic Games no longer follows the Divisional Cup system utilized during Major 1. Instead, any player that has achieved Champions League in Arena Mode can compete in FNCS Major 2.

FNCS Major 2 is broken into five weeks overall; three qualifying weeks, a last-chance “Surge Week,” and the Grand Finals. Here is a look at the schedule that lies ahead for all competitive Fortnite regions:

  • Major 2 Week 1 – April 13 to April 16
  • Week 2 – April 20 to April 23
  • Week 3 – April 27 to April 30
  • Surge Week – May 5 to May 7
  • Grand Finals – May 12 to May 14

Duos can only qualify for the Grand Finals through consistency across the three FNCS Major 2 qualifiers. Per the blog post, the top 40 Duos per region based on cumulative Series Points over three weeks will secure themselves a spot in the Grand Finals. The final ten places will be determined via Surge Week. 

What is Surge Week?

Surge Week is the final opportunity for Duos to qualify for the Grand Finals. All teams that fall between 41st and 90th on the Series Points leaderboard can participate in Surge Week. The Duos will compete in five matches, where the five game-winners and five most consistent teams will fill out the final ten FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals spots.

FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals & Global Championship qualifiers

(Image Credit: Epic Games / BLAST)
(Image Credit: Epic Games / BLAST)

The Grand Final will be contested across two days and 12 matches for all six competitive regions. After two days, Epic Games will tally up all cumulative scores to determine the final leaderboard placement. While teams are vying for a share of $2 million during Major 2, FNCS Global Championship 2023 spots are also on the line.

Here is the breakdown of the 12 qualifying spots for the FNCS Global Championship 2023 from Major 2:

  • Europe – Five Duos
  • NA Central – Three Duos
  • Brazil – One Duo
  • Oceania – One Duo
  • Middle East – One Duo
  • Asia – One Duo

FNCS Major 2 kicks off on April 13 with the first of three qualifiers. You can catch all the action on Fortnite’s Twitch channel beginning April 15. We’ll update you with more information leading up to FNCS Major 2.

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