Peterbot and Pollo made history!

FNCS Major 2 2024 is in the books after an intense weekend of competition. With $1.85M and FNCS Global Championship 2024 spots up for grabs, the finalists had all the incentives needed to deliver a stunning performance. Ultimately, only six teams would become FNCS Major 2 Champions, but this tournament capped off competitive Fortnite's most dominant seasonal performance.

Here is every winning duo and some of the best storylines for the weekend. 

FNCS Major 2 2024: All winners and prize money earned

  • Europe – LND Vanyak3k & KC SwizzY281 ($170,000)
  • NA Central – Agent Peterbot & EXD Pollo ($140,000)
  • Brazil – Liquid of Persia & TL ED LE GANA ($20,000)
  • Asia – Repulsgod & Michael ($20,000)
  • Middle East – R8 FKS & TU Adapter ($20,000)
  • Oceania – JFT Tinka & PRDGY Danath ($16,000)

Peterbot and Pollo complete a flawless season at FNCS Major 2

Dominance is the best word to describe what NA Central Champions Peterbot and Pollo provided in Season 2. On top of winning every Duos Cash Cup, Peterbot and Pollo were heavy favorites heading into the FNCS Major 2 Finals. The Grand Finals played out as expected, with all other teams fighting for second. 

Peterbot and Pollo’s superior mechanics, coupled with the pair landing at Grim Gate and utilizing the Aspect of Agility Medallion, put them in the best possible position. Ultimately, the eventual Major 2 Champions won five matches and earned a record-breaking 1,092 points. 

They stamped their stamp on unquestionably the most dominant season in Fortnite's competitive history–one that may never happen again. 

SwizzY finishes his redemption arc after the 2023 DQ controversy

Egor “SwizzY” Luciko’s story is an incredible tale of perseverance. A former Asia FNCS winner, SwizzY relocated to Russia to compete in Europe for more prize money and opportunities. However, due to sanctions placed on Russia amid the country’s attack on Ukraine, Russian Fortnite players were in a difficult situation. 

Regardless, SwizzY continued competing and remained one of the region’s top competitors. At FNCS Major 3 2023, SwizzY and his duo partner Putrick ran away with the Axe of Champions. In addition to winning $200K, this triumph qualified the tandem for the FNCS Global Championship 2023. 

However, SwizzY and Putrick were disqualified upon further investigation because of their location. Epic Games also withheld their prize money. Rather than giving up, SwizzY relocated again to continue competing and is back on top in the European region. 

SwizzY and duo partner Vanyak3k maintained incredible consistency throughout the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals, earning three wins and 888 points. 

Andilex and Seyyto mount an unthinkable comeback

The French tandem of Andilex and Seyyto had a rough start to the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals. After six matches, they were 46th, earning just 34 points. However, a reinvigorated duo arrived on day two and mounted a historic comeback. 

Sitting in 46th, Andilex and Seyyto won two matches, earned 497 points, and jumped 41 positions to finish in fifth in FNCS Major 2. As a result, the French duo have qualified for the FNCS Global Championship 2024 despite that not seeming possible after day one. 

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