Here is every weapon confirmed as of now for the OG Fortnite release.

November 3 is closer than ever, and gamers are ecstatic about the release of OG Fortnite. Chapter 4, Season 5 is already setting up to be the most legendary season of Fortnite ever, as more and more weapons and items get confirmed.

Weapons in OG Fortnite: Everything confirmed so far

From everything we know so far, it seems as if the new season of Fortnite will cycle through different periods of Chapter 1, giving players the ultimate OG Fortnite experience. With that, comes quite a few re-release of some of our favorite weapons and items.

We already know that traps, ballers and more will return, but what about weapons?

Here is every confirmed weapon for OG Fortnite (Chapter 4, Season 5).


Image via Cultured Vultures.
Image via Cultured Vultures.

The Scar (Assault Rifle) is a major favorite within the Fortnite community. This weapon packed quite a punch and was used by everyone. In fact, if you were able to find a Scar in the early game, it was all over for everyone else.

Assault Rifle

Image via IGN.
Image via IGN.

While in the same family as the Scar, the Assault Rifle was a legendary, and common, weapon for players to utilize. Just the gun's sound when fired is iconic enough. The weapon was highly accurate and a must-have for players when looting off-spawn.

Tactical Shotgun

Image via
Image via

The Tactical Shotgun has not been around since Chapter 2, and many are extremely excited about this weapon's re-release. The gun's firepower was heavy, while its magazine size was large. There wasn't too much of a lull between shots either, making the Tactical Shotgun take down players fast.

Pump Shotgun

Image via Forbes.
Image via Forbes.

Probably the weapon most players are excited to see return is the Pump Shotgun. Back in the day, an Epic Pump could take a player from 200 health to 0 with one headshot. You felt on top of the world whenever you were able to find a purple or gold Pump. Now the real question is; will Fortnite bring back the double Pump?

Light Machine Gun

Image via Fortnite Tracker.
Image via Fortnite Tracker.

The Light Machine Gun might not have been as popular as the Pump or Scar, but man, would this weapon shred through builds. With a huge magazine, but Light Machine Gun, otherwise known as the LMG, could take out someone's fort in seconds.

Mounted Turret

Image via Digital Trends.
Image via Digital Trends.

The Mounted Turret was an interesting weapon. Players could literally place this massive gun anywhere they wanted, sort of like a Trap, hop in its seat and fire away. The Mounted Turret was fierce and it was not a weapon to be trifled with. The second you saw someone place this gun on the ground, you knew they meant business.

Other items returning in OG Fortnite

Luckily, these are not the only items we know are returning in OG Forntite. Here is a list of every confirmed item in the new season.

Every item returning in OG Fortnite:

  • Scar
  • Assault Rifle •
  • Tactical Shotgun •
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Chug Splash
  • Mounted Turret
  • Spike Trap
  • Bouncer
  • Shopping Cart
  • X-4 Stormwing
  • Baller
  • ATK

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