eU and Apple are seeking to subtly change the game.

eUnited has expanded their partnership with Apple Pay to power online tournaments called 'eUnited Arena.'

eUnited x Apple Pay

This week, eUnited announced an exclusive partnership with Apple Pay. The North American organization first teased a partnership between the two when they announced their Eagle Collection, and now we have seen a few more benefits for both sides.

Apple Pay will serve as the exclusive payment option across eUnited products and will empower eUnited tournaments in games such as: Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Smash.

We are thrilled to welcome Apple Pay to the esports ecosystem and offer Apple Pay as our exclusive payment option for eUnited merchandise and tournaments.

John DeHart Director of Marketing & Strategy

How this impacts esports

Having an endemic like Apple Pay is a big grab for an organization that has been locked out of the top flight franchised leagues in esports (CDL and the LCS). For Apple Pay, this is a great test environment to see how they can monetize esports fans.

We believe that Apple Pay will offer our fans and esports fans around the world an easy and secure way to purchase their favorite products and enter tournaments.

John DeHart

eUnited Arena is an intriguing idea that sees amateur fans pay to enter tournaments broadcast on the eU Twitch Channel. Starting May 26th, the series will kick off with a 2v2 best of five Rocket League tournament with the finals broadcast on the eU Twitch channel.

The Arena is a step in creating live content and engaging new audiences while providing some value for a new partner. While other orgs like Astralis have tried to make a difference in the stock market, eU is taking a much more grassroots approach.

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