Epic Games v. Apple has dominated the headlines. We have all the updates from the landmark tech case.

Epic Games have engaged Apple in a landmark lawsuit over their restrictive App Store policies. We highlight the big updates as they come.

Why did Epic Games Sue?

Photo Credit: Epic Games
Photo Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games launched the mobile version of its smash hit Fortnite in April, 2018, but it left the App Store in 2020. Epic complained that Apple and Google's respective storefronts took too much from creators and has sought to gain the public's support.

While Fortnite is free, the game features in-game purchases and Epic wanted to negotiate a better revenue share. Despite Google and Apple's efforts, Epic decided to go to court to create a better situation for developers besides themselves. Epic views Fortnite as more than a game and feels that Apple's 30% fee is anti-competitive.

The argument for Epic hinges on how you define Fortnite. To them, its a platform that should be free of Apple's fees. For Apple, it is a game with in app purchases that should be treated like any other.

What has come out in court?

Regardless of who is right or wrong, the court case has revealed numerous details as each side present's their case. Epic Games has seen numerous email exchanges and agreements revealed between the likes of Xbox, PlayStation (Sony), Apple, Google, and Nintendo.

These exchanges have been breaking Twitter the past week as fans look to reignite the console wars that plagued the mid 2010s. From Sony blocking cross-platform play to protect revenue to Microsoft defending their Xbox business model.

Despite this being a game/platform discussion, esports has managed to enter the conversation. Epic revealed that their esports revenue fell short by $154 million in 2019.

What are the major takeaways?

While trajectory of the case is unclear, but Epic seems willing to pull out all the punches. The trial is estimated to last until May 24th, and could face appeals that will extend a final verdict. Regardless the end result, this will have a major lasting impact on the games/app space.

If you are interested to see how the community reacted, we compiled some tweets with major headlines and reactions about the landmark case.

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