The Brazil-based game studio looks “create groundbreaking content and social experiences within Fortnite.”

Epic Games has acquired Brazilian game studio AQUIRIS following an official announcement today. The Brazil-based development team, known best for Wonderbox and the Horizon Chase franchise, has joined Epic Games under Epic Games Brasil. 

This moment marks the first Latin America-based studio owned by Epic Games as the development company expands globally. As a result, Epic Games Brasil seeks to “create groundbreaking content and social experiences within Fortnite.”

Epic expands into Latin America with AQUIRIS acquisition

According to the press release, Epic Games’ acquisition of AQUIRIS follows an investment in the studio in 2022. Now named Epic Games Brasil, the team’s experience with racing games should open up that avenue within Fortnite Creative 2.0

Fortnite’s new creative tool allows developers to build complete games using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). Epic Games Brazil’s new studio director, Mauricio Longoni, commented on AQUIRIS joining Epic Games:

“Joining Epic Games builds on our successes in creating memorable games including Wonderbox, Horizon Chase 2 and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, which we will continue to operate. We are delighted to leverage our experience using Unreal Engine on game development to contribute to the future of Fortnite,” he said. “AQUIRIS has been on the forefront of game development in Brazil and Latin America, and becoming part of Epic Games will spotlight our region’s developers for the entire industry.”

Mauricio Longoni, CEO of AQUIRIS and studio director of Epic Games Brasil

What does the future hold for Epic Games Brasil?

Image via AQUIRIS
Image via AQUIRIS

The intention is clear: AQUIRIS will continue operating its homegrown titles while growing Fortnite. AQUIRIS has shown diversity in its game library, which goes a long way. 

As stated, UEFN has given creators an unprecedented tool within the popular Battle Royale title. Developers have already begun pushing Creative 2.0 to the limit, and it will be interesting to see what Epic Games Brasil has in store. 

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