There will also be some third-party events although there is no confirmation about the Fortnite World Cup for next year.

Epic Games has revealed details for the 2022 Fortnite competitive season including changes to the FNCS format and a new competitive mode.

What’s new in 2022 Fortnite esports?

  • FNCS Duos with a Match Point format in Finals
  • Divisional tournaments
  • 2-Round Cash Cups
  • Proposals for in-person 3rd party events are being reviewed for approvals once again
  • More Competitive features

Fortnite Esports will switch to Duos

After a year of playing with trios, Fortnite esports will now move to duos format for 2022. Players will compete in teams of two for the 2022 season. Epic Games also announced that the upcoming season will kick off in February 2022 giving players ample time to figure out their duos partner. 

The duos format also makes it easier for lesser-known players to find a partner and compete in the upcoming season. With duos back, we might see a few upsets in 2022. 

FNCS to feature just two qualifiers

The Fortnite Championship Series will feature just two qualifiers, allowing room for more events to take place in 2022. The increased scheduling flexibility will help players schedule their time around the events. 

Despite these changes, some things will remain the same. Players can still advance directly to the Grand Finals from the qualifiers. Series Points will be used for Semi-Finals advancement. 

Each Qualifier will also be narrowed down to three rounds from four rounds, and both Qualifiers will run during the same week.

Changes to FNCS Semifinals and Finals

2022 FNCS Matchpoint

Once a team accomplishes both accomplishments during a tournament, the tournament window will end early. The finals leaderboard at the end of that match will be locked early and the team will be crowned FNCS 2022 Champions. 

A team can claim the title of the FNCS 2022 Champion if they achieve the following two goals:

  • Reaching a specific point of total finals point after 
  • Securing two or more Victory throughout the final session.

If a team reaches both of these goals by the end of the schedule’s last game, the tournament will end normally. Epic Games wants to continue focusing heavily on victory royale, but also wants to reward overall consistency with the new tech.

We plan to make the points threshold significant enough so that the likelihood of the Finals ending early on Day 1 is low. We want closing out an FNCS tournament early to be an uncommon and exciting occurrence, with major clout rights. 

There will be separate cash cups for Champion, Contender and Open ranked Arena players. We might also see the return of Daily cups, which were extremely popular in Seasons 2 & 3.

Fortnite to get more 3rd party tournaments

The increased schedule flexibility and backing by Epic Games means there will be more third-party external tournament organizers in the Fortnite esports scene. 

Epic hopes to have some offline third-party tournaments which is why they have reserved the approvals subject to local health guidelines.

Will there be a Fortnite World Cup 2022?

Epic stopped short of announcing the Fortnite World Cup for 2022. The event saw a massive prize pool of $30 million across the competitions. However with COVID and travel restrictions, Epic Games did not host the event for the past two years. With no announcement for Fortnite World Cup 2022, the tournament’s future is in doubt. 

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