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eFuse announces $150,000 WOTE (Women of the eRena) Fortnite tournament cover image

eFuse announces $150,000 WOTE (Women of the eRena) Fortnite tournament


The top female Fortnite competitors are gearing up for WOTE’s largest event yet.

2022 is nearing its end, and with that, eFuse has officially announced their final Women of the eRena (WOTE) Fortnite tournament for the year... and this one is huge.
Here is everything you need to know about the $150,000 Winter WOTE event.

WOTE is ending the year with a BANG! The best female Fortnite players in the world are gearing up to compete

With such a large prize pool on the line, means the top female players in the world will be competing against one another. WOTE has brought the top women competitors together in the past, and this tournament will be no different.
With competitors such as Sommerset, Alixxa, Reddysh and more already on the leaderboard competing, fans are in for quite a tournament.
The tournament is set to start on December 19 at 3 p.m. EST and will be trios, with all teams receiving an invitation.
The action is already getting heated, as players are already tweeting their drop spots and teammates. Preparation has begun, as everyone wants to walk home with a large cut of this massive prize pool.
With an entirely new map and meta, the anticipation of how teams will choose to play this tournament has a lot of fans excited. There is still so much to learn from Fortnite's new chapter. This will be a perfect tournament to see how people compete.

Familiar faces from the past will be competing against one another for WOTE's LARGEST prize pool

In the past, we have seen various $75,000 WOTE tournaments hosted by eFuse. While this is still an impressive prize pool, ending the year with a $150,000 tournament is an unbeatable feat.
This is the moment that all of these women have been building towards. Their skill will be fully tested during the year's final WOTE tournament.
During past WOTE tournaments, we have seen various teams walk away with that first place prizing, including:
So who will be crowned the champions for WOTE's largest Fortnite event? Make sure to tune in to eFuse's official Twitch on December 19 to find out.
Bryson Maddock
Bryson Maddock
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