DreamHack Winter 2022 Fortnite Open; results & best moments cover image

DreamHack Winter 2022 Fortnite Open; results & best moments

Check out the results and best moments from this weekend’s $100K DreamHack Winter 2022 Fortnite Open competition.

DreamHack Winter went down this weekend in Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden. The event hosted the third consecutive Fortnite LAN event in three weeks. This time, over 400 competitors entered the DreamHack Winter Fortnite Open to win a piece of the $100K prize pool. 

Some of those names included FNCS Invitational winners Kami and Setty, FNCS winner JannisZ, two-time DreamHack winner MrSavage, and many others. The competitors participated in up to four preliminary heats, hoping to become one of 100 finalists. 

When all was said and done, the 100 finalists had six games to earn as many points as possible. Ultimately, only one could take home the DreamHack Winter Fortnite Championship and the last one of Chapter 3.

JannisZ dominates the field and wins the DreamHack Winter 2022 Fortnite Open

Wave Esports player JannisZ looked untouchable in the DreamHack Winter 2022 Fortnite Finals. He kicked off the day with a three-elimination Victory Royale and then finished second in game three with six eliminations. JannisZ placed no worse than 22nd in any of the six matches, making him unquestionably the most consistent player of the day. 

After winning the tournament, the German standout revealed he did not practice solo Fortnite matches before DreamHack Winter 2022. Overall, JannisZ proved that his raw talent and game knowledge were more than enough for him to amass 337 points and win the $12,000 grand prize. 

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: Wave JannisZ - 337 points ($12,000)
  • 2nd: FOKUS rezonay - 260 points ($6,000)
  • 3rd: OVA cheatiin - 238 points ($5,500)
  • 4th: Wave VadealFN - 237 points ($5,000)
  • 5th: LootBoy Fray - 221 points ($4,500)
  • 6th: AST Th0masHD - 217 points ($4,000)
  • 7th: Vitality PodaSai - 217 points ($3,700)
  • 8th: kombek - 210 points ($3,400)
  • 9th: GO Decyptos - 206 points ($3,100)
  • 10th: LootBoy Robban - 205 points ($2,800)
  • 11th: Siko Merijn - 200 points ($2,500)
  • 12th: pixiefnbr - 188 points ($1,900)
  • 13th: hmble alexcod - 177 points ($1,800)
  • 14th: GXR Queasy - 175 points ($1,700)
  • 15th: MCES DKS - 171 points ($1,600)
  • 16th: TT9 moneymaker - 169 points ($1,500)
  • 17th: Wave vic0 - 157 points ($1,400)
  • 18th: GUILD Hen - 151 points ($1,300)
  • 19th: BL Kami - 150 points ($1,200)
  • 20th: TT9 Chico - 149 points ($1,100)
  • 21st: Playwell Coope - 148 points ($1,000)
  • 22nd: PabloWingu - 147 points ($1,000)
  • 23rd: BL Setty - 146 points ($1,000)
  • 24th: PRM kirb1_ - 142 points ($1,000)
  • 25th: Apeks Krizzii - 140 points ($1,000)

You can see the entire leaderboard here.

Threats becomes North America's only hope

Unlike last weekend's DreamHack Atlanta competition, the Winter event featured almost exclusively European players. As a result, a few North Americans made the trip to Sweden. One of those few — ManCity Threats — made the trek and qualified for the Finals. 

It took Threats only two years to secure a spot in the Finals, where he'd square off against Europe's finest. Representing Manchester City's esports team, Threats ultimately finished in 69th place.

JannisZ's wild elimination run in game three

JannisZ was one of the top names heading into the Finals. Having won three FNCS tournaments in different game modes, JannisZ has made quite the name for himself in Europe. In game three of the Finals, JannisZ seemed untouchable until the final moments. 

The German player took down four opponents in the closing moments before falling to Kami. After winning game one and taking second in game three, JannisZ put himself firmly into first place with only three matches remaining. 

Th0masHD does Th0masHD things in the DreamHack Winter Fortnite Finals

Game four belonged to Astralis player Th0masHD, and he didn't even win the match. During the end game, the Denmark native dominated everyone he encountered. Th0masHD picked up two eliminations to begin his impressive run.

He followed that with two more on Merijn and PabloWingu before falling to eventual game-winner Eclipse. This performance vaulted Th0masHD into the top 15 with two matches remaining in the DreamHack Winter Fortnite tournament. 

PodaSai wins a pivotal game five

Heat one winner PodaSai of Team Vitality delivered an impressive effort in game five to take the Victory Royale. After losing the high-ground advantage, he promptly took it back and managed a 70-point game. PodaSai moved himself up to fifth place with only one match remaining. 

Th0masHD finishes DreamHack Winter 2022 in style

Despite a slow start, Th0masHD rallied back over the final three matches. After the incredible end game we covered earlier, Th0masHD rounded out the tournament with a six-elimination Victory Royale. The Danish player eliminated the eventual runner-up Rezon and utilized the Med Mist healing tool to take the Victory Royale. 

Th0masHD's win in the final match moved him up to sixth on the leaderboard, netting him $4,000. While it wasn't enough to overcome JannisZ, Th0masHD managed another impressive tournament placement.

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