See who triumphed in the DreamHack Atlanta Fortnite Open tournament after six games with $100K up for grabs.

One week removed from the $1 million FNCS Invitational, the time came again to crown another Fortnite champion. This past Friday kicked off DreamHack Atlanta, where more than 400 competitors entered the Fortnite Open competition. 

Players such as FNCS Invitational winners Kami and Setty were among those to qualify for the DreamHack Open Finals. Additionally, two-time FNCS winner Queasy joined North American standouts Tkay, Khanada, PaMstou, Fatch, and many more to decide who would walk away with the ultimate Victory Royale. 

With $100K up for grabs and another LAN championship, let's review the best moments and see how the Fortnite leaderboard played out at DreamHack Atlanta. 

NA West player 'Boltz' takes first place

Against all odds and many top competitors, NA West player Boltz stood tall despite having just over $6K earned in competitive Fortnite beforehand. Boltz strung together six ultra-consistent games, finishing 2nd, 8th, 16th, 5th, 27th, and 45th with 15 eliminations overall. It came down to the final match as French Canadian player PaMstou was on the brink of victory. However, an early exit for him granted Boltz the victory.

Additionally, the top 12 featured all North American players, with European standouts Queasy, Kami, and Pinq finishing 13th, 14th, and 16th, respectively. While no one expected Boltz to triumph, his DreamHack Atlanta Fortnite win speaks to the unpredictability of competitive Fortnite.

Final Leaderboard

  • 1st: FE Boltz – 282 points ($12,000)
  • 2nd: PaMstou – 267 points ($6,000)
  • 3rd: Casqer – 261 points ($5,500)
  • 4th: CLG Ajerss – 247 points ($5,000)
  • 5th: DIG Cam – 240 points ($4,500)
  • 6th: Okis – 238 points ($4,000)
  • 7th: Elite PXMP – 237 points ($3,700)
  • 8th: ManCity Threats – 230 points ($3,400)
  • 9th: Crackly – 227 points ($3,100)
  • 10th: Elite Ritual – 224 points ($2,800)
  • 11th: Elite npen – 222 points ($2,500)
  • 12th: PapiBlast – 221 points ($1,900)
  • 13th: GXR Queasy – 215 points ($1,800)
  • 14th: Seek – 195 points ($1,700)
  • 15th: BL Kami – 182 points ($1,600)
  • 16th: Tundra Pinq – 179 points ($1,500)
  • 17th: Trashy – 173 points ($1,400)
  • 18th: Doniee – 171 points ($1,300)
  • 19th: Paper – 171 points ($1,200)
  • 20th: Hajie – 169 points ($1,100)
  • 21st: TabzG – 161 points ($1,000)
  • 22nd: Nurf – 155 points ($1,000)
  • 23rd: Walkerz – 150 points ($1,000)
  • 24th: Jamper – 149 points ($1,000)
  • 25th: Shadow – 147 points ($1,000)

Here's a link to the complete leaderboard.

Best moments from the DreamHack Atlanta Fortnite tournament

Sap Games qualifies on a laptop

Collegiate players SapGames impressed in heat one of the tournament. With most of the players attending this event using a solid computer, SapGames brought his laptop and utilized it to its full potential. Across the opening six matches in the DreamHack Atlanta Fortnite Open, SapGames finished 20th. As a result, he reached the Finals, where he took 63rd place.

Take the L in real life

Some people love the atmosphere of an in-person Fortnite tournament. The players can meet each other and talk trash, adding another element to the environment. However, this aspect backfired on Fortnite pro player OliverOG. Despite outplaying his opponent, OliverOG suffered an elimination during heat three. Then, his opponent walked over and performed the "Take The L" emote–something that does not happen often.

Regardless, OliverOG ultimately reached the DreamHack Atlanta Fortnite Finals and took 34th place overall, netting him $800. 

MrSavage dominates game two of the Finals

DreamHack Anaheim 2020 and DreamHack Winter 2021 Champion MrSavage showed up in game two of the DreamHack Atlanta Finals. During an intense end game, MrSavage managed four eliminations, including two beautiful examples of piece control. He ultimately finished second in the game after losing to his low-ground opponent.

PapiBlast takes the VR in game four

An underrated competitor, PapiBlast of the NA West region, secured a shocking Victory Royale in game four. Furthermore, he did so while streaming his point of view on Twitch. As the game came to a close, PapiBlast took down his final two opponents, one of which being FNCS All-Star Showdown Champion PaMstou. It was an incredible moment that helped PapiBlast finish in 12th place. 

Ultimately, Boltz executed a consistent strategy that hoisted him into the winner's circle over some worthy adversaries. The gears now turn to DreamHack Winter next weekend in Sweden, where Europe's best competitors hope to defend their territory.

Featured image via ShotByZax

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