DreamHack Atlanta is right around the corner, and with it is the Fortnite event. Although, some are worried about how the event is being ran.

With the current state of Fortnite, many are looking at the recent Invitational as being the game’s saving grace. As more LAN events are being announced, such as DreamHack, players are getting excited for 2023.

While some are preparing for these events, a few are skeptical about how it’s being run.

DreamHack Dallas provided quite a few obstacles for players. Hopefully, Atlanta will be better

During DreamHack Dallas, the Fortnite tournament ran into a few issues. The event was tracked through third-party software, instead of being tracked through Fortnite’s compete tab.

The problem that arose with this was a few players were leaking the code to people not attending the LAN. Unfortunately, the Fortnite tournament for Atlanta still is set to be using third-party tracking software.

DreamHack Fortnite 2022 will see the best players in action. Image Credit: DreamHack.

Why this is happening is unknown. Whether or not DreamHack has found a way to stop people from leaking codes is also unknown. Hopefully, DreamHack has found a way to make sure players cannot give code to people outside of DreamHack Fortnite 2022 participants.

At the end of the day, all we can hope for is that there is also no one who is willing to stoop that low.

Snipers and grapplers are in the game, but not in actual tournaments

Another issue that has arisen is the loot pool. In competitive arena playlists, the game has snipers and a brand-new grappler. The biggest issue with this is that actual Fortnite tournaments do not have either of these items.

Those that get their consistent practice in the in-game Fortnite tournaments do not actually get to use a sniper or grappler. Having these two weapons in the tournament completely changes the meta players who have been practicing for months.

Snipers are already incredibly controversial in the competitive scene, as quite a few players speak out against them.

Whether or not all this will change depends on if the tournament becomes an in-game tournament or not. Hopefully there ends up being no issues.

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