Dignitas reveals Fortnite team, signs FNCS winner Mero  cover image

Dignitas reveals Fortnite team, signs FNCS winner Mero 

Dignitas enters the competitive Fortnite scene with three incredibly talented players.

The North American organization Dignitas revealed its first-ever Fortnite team after acquiring professional players Matthew “Mero” Faitel, Piero “Pgod” Ramirez and Lucas “Dukez” Cardenas. These three competitors represent the NA East region’s cream of the crop—two former FNCS Champions and a player that habitually dominates Twitch Rivals tournaments. It’s a monumental moment for both the newly signed players and a premier esports brand. 

Dignitas Fortnite welcomes Mero & Pgod — Two of NA East’s best

Dignitas revealed Mero (17) and Pgod (21) as their first two Fortnite team members ahead of this season’s $3 million Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition. Mero — who holds five FNCS Championships — has been one of the most dominant forces the game has ever seen. The Canadian native emerged as a star, winning Solo Cash Cups left and right. Furthermore, Mero shaped himself into arguably the NA East’s top talent through five FNCS titles in various formats. 

Piero Ramirez, better known as Pgod, is a veteran in the Fortnite scene compared to his peers. The Peruvian content creator began competing in 2018 during the competitive scene’s infancy. He’s a five-time FNCS Finalist with notable placements of 17th, 9th, 25th and 31st to his credit. Additionally, Pgod maintains a steady average viewership above 2,000 on Twitch and won Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl III in February. Mero and Pgod are exceptional pick-ups for the Dignitas Fortnite team.

Dignitas adds Dukez to complete formidable roster

The organization had another trick up its sleeve ahead of the FNCS. Shortly after welcoming Mero and Pgod, Dignitas announced Dukez (16) as its third signing. Many recognize Dukez as a phenom, given his mechanical ability and supreme piece control. He splashed onto the competitive scene in 2021 alongside fellow up-and-coming talent Rise and Fortnite legend Chap. 

Dukez ascended Fortnite’s totem pole and ultimately collected two FNCS Championships. Both victories occurred in Chapter 2—first in Season 7 with Justice and Userz and then in the Grand Royale specialty event with Bugha and his fellow Dignitas Fortnite team member Mero. Dukez recently took fourth place in FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 with Jamper.

What could be next for Dignitas?

Dignitas launched a Fortnite team at the right time with LAN events expected to return soon. Not many predicted the organization to enter Fortnite so suddenly. Famed Fortnite coach Fifty played a significant role in signing Mero, Pgod and Dukez. Fifty also joined the organization and teased more acquisitions soon.

We’ll have to see what more the organization has in store for its Fortnite roster. Other respected teams such as Become Legends and NRG have created interesting content pieces to garner interest. Perhaps Dignitas could replicate the same success. Whatever the case may be, it’s an exciting moment for competitive Fortnite.

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