Counter Logic Gaming leaves Fortnite, releases roster cover image

Counter Logic Gaming leaves Fortnite, releases roster

Counter Logic Gaming has exited Fortnite, stating that the game does not fit with the organization’s “broader goals.”

Today, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) released its three remaining Fortnite players and withdrew from the game entirely. With that, CLG has joined the growing list of esports teams that see few redeeming qualities in competitive Fortnite. It’s unclear what’s next for CLG, but Fortnite is not part of its plans. 

Counter Logic Gaming exits Fortnite, releases Ajerss, ClarityG, & Tocata

Counter Logic Gaming has been involved in Fortnite since 2018. At one point, the organization had the Solo Fortnite World Cup runner-up — Harrison “Psalm” Chang — under its banner. 

After four years dedicated to the Battle Royale title, CLG has said goodbye. The organization released an official statement regarding its decision:

“Today we are announcing that we are stepping away from the Fortnite competitive scene. We are beyond proud of what they have accomplished in their time with us, but ultimately we have decided this title does not fit with our broader strategic goals.”

Before the announcement, Counter Logic Gaming was the home to top NA East Fortnite players 'Ajerss' and Shawn 'ClarityG' Washington. The two talents signed with the organization back in August. Additionally, Fortnite caster and player — Kevin 'Tocata' Larrinaga — spent the last two years with CLG. All three are now free agents. 

“With this decision, we also have released Ajerss, ClarityG, and Tocata from their contracts. These three have been incredible to work with, and we know that they will be an asset wherever they go. No matter what, they will always be a part of the CLG family.”

A concerning trend continues in competitive Fortnite

The viability of esports organizations in Fortnite has always been questionable. While brands such as FaZe Clan and Team Liquid have remained invested, others have pursued a different path. Sentinels and Become Legends are two notable teams that have left Fortnite recently. 

Fortnite’s immediate future is solidified. Epic Games recently released a detailed road map for 2023. Even so, various esports organizations, including Counter Logic Gaming, are restructuring their futures and dropping Fortnite. We will have to wait and see if this trend continues or if brands suddenly see value in fielding a Fortnite team. 

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