The first week of EU FNCS is done and dusted and it saw an exquisite performance from the winning trio, the return of Domentos and a stroke of bad luck for one unlucky squad.

The Chapter 2 Season 6 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) kicked off this weekend in Europe. 33 trios battled for three spots to advance into the Semi-Finals. Victory came down to the last match of the day, but ultimately the French trio of Nicolas "Vitality Nikof" Frejavise, Malow "Solary BlastR" Orrieux, and Julien "TrainH Alphaa" Auriol took first place in EU FNCS Week 1.

No Bad Games

Heading into Round 4, Nikof, BlastR, and Alphaa was a favorite to qualify. Fans and analysts expected to see this trio near the top of the leaderboard. Their drop spot, Craggy Cliffs, was supposed to be uncontested. Additionally, the trio's resume speaks for itself. The veterans are a staple in the competitive scene.

Nikof, BlastR, and Alphaa claimed the top spot in EU FNCS Week 1. Their victory came on the back of consistent placements and eliminations in all six matches. The trio placed within the top 15 every single match and secured at least three eliminations a game. To start, Nikof, BlastR, and Alphaa began Round 4 with a six elimination 3rd place match, thanks to an amazing clutch by Nikof.

In the end, BlastR and Alphaa showed off their ability in the final match. Nikof went down early and the duo need to secure a few more points to qualify for Semi-Finals. They did that and more with a 10 elimination 4th place in the final match. A 42 point game that solidified their victory.

The French trio were playing offline together at Vitality HQ and at the end of their run averaged 5.8 kills and 8th place per game. 39% of their points came from Eliminations and the winning moment was captured on camera. You can witness Nikof and his team-mates reaction to winning at the end of the YouTube video below.

Comeback king Domentos

Another trio, Domeniks "Domentos" Bunts, Jamal "Jamside" Saydayev, and Alexander "CL Fury" took home the final match of the day. The victory royale earned them 3rd place overall and a place in the Semi-Finals. Ultimately, the trio needed a big game to finish in the top three spots. That match pushed the trio up from 7th to 3rd place.

For Domentos, this placement is even more surprising. The former World Cup qualifier took a break from Fortnite and only recently began playing again. Domentos and his trio deserve incredible praise for their achievement in EU FNCS Week 1.

A stumble in the final two matches

To this point, Alexandre "MCES Andilex" Christophe, Idris "Grizi Snayzy" Aichouche, Cyprien "MCES Xsweeze" Dumonteil dominated the European region. They proved to be a force in Cash Cups, DreamHack Extra, and third party tournaments. Unfortunately, the first week of FNCS did not go their way.

Andilex, Snayzy, and Xsweeze started of strong with four straight matches with placements inside the top five. The trio stood at the top of the leaderboard with two games to play. Then catastrophe hit. They finished in 32nd and 16th in the final two games, earning them only nine points. In the end, Andilex, Snayzy, and Xsweeze finished in 5th place overall, but failed to qualify for Semi-Finals. Snayzy later tweeted in French: "I think I am really the most unlucky guy".

EU FNCS Week 1 Standings

  1. Solary BlastR, Vitality Nikof, TrainH Alphaa
  2. AOS nebsмasteя, bubakмаsteя, Devour WaiZ
  3. VP JAMSIDE, CL Fury, Dоmentos
  4. hycr1s21754A45x8, vorTexr., OVA Night
  5. MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces

Week 1 of EU FNCS delivers and more

Week 1 did not disappoint. The top trios played incredibly well and new trios began to make a name for themselves. Luckily, many of the best trios remain in the pool. Only the top three advance and the rest of the players return next week. Likely, a few trios will regroup for another attempt. Other trios will blow up and try again with other players. Either way, Week 1 proved that competitive Fortnite is alive and well!

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