The North American East (NA East) region produced an exciting finish to the FNCS Season 3 Finals this past weekend.

The third Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition of Fortnite Chapter 3 concluded late last night with another incredible finale. Fifty duos in each of Fortnite’s seven worldwide regions put their best efforts forth to win a sizable piece of $3 million. However, no FNCS Season 3 Finals delivered more than NA East, where top players Commandment, Avery, Bugha, and Mero were neck-and-neck heading into the final match. 

Margins for error were at an all-time low as the region’s most talented competitors jockeyed for position on the leaderboard. Ultimately, the final endgame left three teams with a legitimate chance to win. The outcome was a delight and one worth revisiting over and over again. 

The defending champions lead day one of NA East FNCS

The opening six matches of the NA East Season 3 Finals provided a genuine mixed bag of results. Six different teams earned Victory Royales as each looked to find their footing with more than $600K on the line. However, after six games, the Season 2 Champions — Peterbot and Bylah — stood tall over the region. 

With 182 points, one Victory Royale, and 26 eliminations, it seemed that history could repeat itself. Peterbot and Bylah sat 20 points ahead of Season 1 Champions Bugha and Mero. What unfolded on day two will go down in history as one of the most exquisite finishes to an FNCS since the tournament’s inception. 

A logjam atop the leaderboard on day two ensured an exciting finish

The final day of FNCS Season 3 saw another incredible leaderboard shuffle. Once again, no team completed more than one Victory Royale, which helped the teams at the top stay close. Peterbot and Bylah surprisingly struggled on day two, earning only 87 points. 

Their missteps allowed the other teams a chance to snatch the Axe of Champions. A slew of contenders delivered on day two, including Bugha, Mero, Clix, Duke, PaMstou, and Fatch. Every contending duo found themselves in the winner’s circle down the stretch. This situation ultimately set fans up for a fantastic finish. 

Here are the teams that won a match in the closing moments of FNCS Season 3:

  • Clix & Duke
  • Bugha & Mero
  • Commandment & Avery
  • MackWood & Threats
  • PaMstou & Fatch

Setting the stage for a historic FNCS Season 3 conclusion

FNCS Season 3 Axe of Champions
FNCS Axe of Champions 2.0

One game stood between four teams and the FNCS Season 3 Axe of Champions. Clix and Duke, Bugha and Mero, PaMstou and Fatch, and Commandment and Avery all had a realistic shot at claiming the top spot. However, each duo needed something to fall in their favor to make it happen. All four teams made it to the endgame in match 12, but Commandment and Avery were immediately in a disadvantageous position. 

A mid-game fight mixed with an excruciatingly far zone had Commandment and Avery scrambling. Avery fell victim to an untimely push at the hands of Jahq and Nosh, but Commandment managed to neutralize the threat. Commandment endured the storm damage with Med Mist and somehow made it to the storm circle mostly unscathed using the Grappler Glove. 

Then, the point-of-view shifted to Bugha and Mero, who were low on resources while having to rotate a far distance to maintain the lead. Unfortunately, the Season 1 Champions were caught in a bad position and fell during the fifth zone. 

Commandment clutches himself and Avery an FNCS Season 3 win against all odds 

With Bugha and Mero out, the pressure mounted for Commandment as a solo and the French-Canadians. The veteran Commandment proceeded to execute spectacular rotations while picking up some clutch eliminations as the storm circle raced. 

Commandment eliminated Clix, Muz, and Tabnae in the final moments, earning himself and Avery six crucial points. The final leaderboard refreshed, revealing that Commandment did just enough to give his team a one-point lead and the FNCS Season 3 Championship. 

This unexpected yet remarkable victory marks Commandment’s first FNCS title since beginning his career in 2018. For Avery, the Chapter 3 Season 3 Finals triumph is his second in the FNCS—the last occurring in Chapter 2 Season 1. Now, the two have clinched a spot at the FNCS Invitational LAN in November, where they’ll hope to win again. 

Overall, the NA East FNCS Season 3 delivered, with the best teams in contention until the last moment. We’ll have to see what the future holds following outstanding efforts by Commandment, Avery, Bugha, Mero, PaMstou, and Fatch. 

Here is a look at the final leaderboard and payouts for NA East:

  • 1st: Commandment & C9 Avery — 316 points ($160,000)
  • 2nd: SEN Bugha & DIG Mero — 315 points ($100,000)
  • 3rd: PaMstou & 33 Fatch — 313 points ($80,000)
  • 4th: DIG Duke & NRG Clix — 275 points ($56,000)
  • 5th: CLG Ajerss & KNG Khanada — 270 points ($40,000)
  • 6th: Peterbot & Bylah — 269 points ($32,000)
  • 7th: 33 Acorn & FS Edgey — 265 points ($24,000)
  • 8th: Jamper & Eomzo — 248 points ($18,000)
  • 9th: ManCity Threats & MackWood — 234 points ($15,000)
  • 10th: Trashy & Rise — 231 points ($10,000)

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