Brie Larson has officially been revealed to be the character of Paradigm in Fortnite. Here is all the details on her affiliation with the game.

With the start of Chapter 3, Season 4: Paradise, Fortnite officially has revealed that Brie Larson is the character of Paradigm. The popular celebrity and actress posted the official reveal on her Twitter the morning of September 18, 2022.

The rumor that Larson played the Paradigm had been around for quite some time. Multiple people expected her affiliation with the game due to the similarity in voices. Larson is also a die-hard Fortnite fan, and has openly talked about her love for the game.

The Paradigm was a character introduced in Chapter 3 as one of the legendary seven. Their storyline is still playing out, but having Larson represent the character is more than exciting

The Rock and Brie Larson are now in Fortnite. Who could be next?

This announcement comes as no surprise since Fortnite has already included other celebrities within the game. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed his role within Fortnite at the start of Chapter 3.

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Fortnite Rock

This was a beloved reveal for Fortnite fans, as the identity of the Foundation had been unknown since Chapter 1. The Rock was the first celebrity to be announced as an official Fortnite character. The Foundation’s character first found its way into the game’s storyline early Chapter 1. The character left the world to go fight against unknown objectives, and eventually found their way back in Chapter 2.

Larson joining the game is also an exciting attainment for the game, considering her history with Fortnite.

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Brie Larson Gaming

Whether it is a marketing scheme or not, seeing celebrities enjoy the fruits of life like all of us other people is something that helps us relate to them. With a celebrity as large as Larson playing video games just goes to show that Fortnite is meant for anyone and everyone.

Larson’s other contributions to Fortnite

Larson is not in Fortnite just as the Paradigm but actually has her very own Captain Marvel skin. The skin is available for purchase in the store for $19.99 and was introduced first in Chapter 2, Season 5 in 2019. It also has multiple styles depending on your preference.

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Captain Marvel Fortnite

As more and more large-name celebrities join the Fortnite realm, who would you like to see next take on the role of your favorite Fortnite characters?

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