AussieAntics joins the Dignitas roster after leaving NRG cover image

AussieAntics joins the Dignitas roster after leaving NRG


AussieAntics has officially joined Dignitas. Read about the official signing below!

It is official; Dignitas has taken over the Fortnite world. With their recent acquires of Bugha, Khanada and more, it is no mistake to think that Dignitas is about to become the number one Fortnite organization. Now, the team has officially signed the Fortnite creator AussieAntics.

Here is everything you need to know about AussieAntics joining Dignitas.

After leaving NRG, AussieAntics has officially found his home with Dignitas

With NRG recently leaving Fortnite, lots of spectators were curious about AussieAntic's next move. The creator and his wife had moved from Australia to the United States for NRG. What was his following move going to be?

Well, it looks like AussieAntics has found a new home.

AussieAntics via Dignitas (Taken by ShotsbyZax)
AussieAntics via Dignitas (Taken by ShotsbyZax)

Dignitas, who has recently acquired a few popular Fortnite names like Bugha and Khanada, is making sure their name is heard within the Fortnite scene.

With so many large organizations leaving the Fortnite ecosystem, it has created various questions surrounding the scene and whether or not the game would survive because of it.

Well, it seems like Dignitas is looking to lead that front, as they seem to be getting the biggest names in Fortnite.

From BootCamp to team member; AussieAntics is going nowhere

Earlier this week, Dignitas announced that AussieAntics would be joining the team for the week prior to FNCS Grands for a team BootCamp. During this time, the creator sat with players, helped VOD review and more.

I think this created a bit of speculation amongst fans, as Dignitas was also announcing multiple signings. Well, for those who hypothesized his joining; they were right.

This announcement should create excitement within the Fortnite community as the creator and competitive spaces continue to thrive despite large organizations leaving.

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