Khanada joins Dignitas days after the organization signs Bugha cover image

Khanada joins Dignitas days after the organization signs Bugha

Dignitas officially acquires pro Fortnite player Khanada just days before FNCS Grands.

With it being less than a week since Dignitas announced the official signing of Forntite World Champion Bugha, the organization has officially announced that Khanada will also be joining.

Khanada, one of Fortnite's top competitive players, has been making waves within the competitive Fortnite scene since Chapter 1.

The popular streamer and competitive gamer now joins the roster for what is looking to become the most stacked Fortnite organization in history.

Dignitas welcomes Khanada to their team

With Chapter 4, Season 1 FNCS Grands happening this weekend, the organization is making a big move by acquiring Khanada. With so many other organizations dropping out of the Fortnite ecosystem, seeing Dignitas go all in is refreshing.

AussieAntics, a popular Fortnite content creator and commentator was also featured in the announcement video. Aussie had announced earlier this week that he would join Dignitas during Grands to help broadcast a live BootCamp.

His attendance in the announcement video made the entire thing just that much more legendary.

Bugha being in the video was also a big move. Having the two pro players on their team sets a precedent for other Fortnite organizations within the scene.

Having qualified for 16 different Grand Finals, Khanada is preparing to push the Fortnite scene one step further with this move.

Whether or not someone like AussieAntics is also being acquired by Dignitas is yet to be known.

Dignitas goes all in with Fortnite

With what seemed to be somewhat of a crumbling ecosystem, organizations such as Dignitas are only helping push competitive Fortnite back to the top.

With so many sponsorships looking to represent teams, and so few large teams involved in the Battle Royale, Dignitas is making a strategic move by doing this.

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