Are the hitboxes in Fortnite the same for each weapon? Read below to find out.

When playing Fortnite, one of the most important aspects a player can work towards is hitting their shots. When aiming your weapon, you will see a little box that shows where your shot will be fired. This is called a hitbox.

But are all hitboxes the same for each weapon? The answer is no.

Hitboxes vary depending on which weapon you use!

The answer being no seems pretty simple, but there is a lot that goes into hitboxes when looking at Fortnite weapons. Every weapon has its own unique hitbox.

For example, a pump shotgun will have a very different hitbox than an assault rifle. This is simply due to the stats of each gun being entirely different. An assault rifle has a higher fire rate, therefore its hitbox is smaller.

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Fortnite AR hitbox via Blasting News

A shotgun tends to have a larger hitbox, as it shoots much slower. This is why an assault rifle has a higher damage rate from afar whereas a shotgun would be stronger in close quarters.

Even some of the same types of weapons have different hitboxes

While comparing different types of weapons, it should also be noted that variations of the same weapon may also have different hitboxes.

For example, a prime shotgun has a much smaller hitbox than a lever shotgun. This makes the prime shotgun take more skill in accuracy up close, whereas the lever shotgun has better accuracy overall.

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Do not be fooled by those facts though. With better accuracy usually comes less damage. The lever shotgun may have a larger hitbox, but it will never pack as much of a punch as the prime shotgun.

When choosing whatever weapon you prefer, it is smart to learn its hitbox. This will allow you to maximize its potential and how you use it.

Regardless of whether or not you prefer a large hitbox or a small one, just make sure to hit your shots.

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