Yasuo, the Unforgiven revealed as the newest Project L fighter cover image

Yasuo, the Unforgiven revealed as the newest Project L fighter

The fourth Champion included in Project L is Yasuo, the Unforgiven swordsman. Watch him dominate the skies in this trailer.

Yaaaaaaaaaaas--Er, I mean... Yasuo, the Unforgiven was revealed today as the newest fighter coming to Riot's tag fighting game Project L. He was announced as one of the four playable Champions coming to the game's demo at EVO 2023 this weekend. The trailer includes a pretty meaty look at the swinging swordsman and his suite of slicing abilities. This includes a ton of big normal attacks to rule the mid-range, air combos, and wind attacks that may have you shouting "Rashidoooooooo!"

The development team also gave some insight to Yasuo and his three Project L compatriots, which we'll break down after the header.

Project L gets Yasuo, the Unforgiven

So, besides amazing style and a rad lofi hip-hop beat, what does the trailer tell us? With Project L channeling its best Marvel vs Capcom energy, it appears Yasuo serves the purpose of mid-range monster. His normal button presses include big sword strikes that reach across the entire screen. This also opens Yasuo up for hit-confirming into big combos off a single hit if the opponent isn't careful.

In addition, we also see some anime fighter-esque air combat from Yasuo, sure to annoy the entire Project L roster. This includes crossups from dive kicks, air dashes, and some juggles that don't look entirely unlike Cammy in Street Fighter 6.

Gameplay details revealed

Yasuo is available for play at EVO this weekend, along with the rest of the current Project L roster. While FGC investigators had to pour over footage previously to figure out what each Champion did, we now know a bit more. Lead Champion Designer Alex Jaffe talked briefly about each of the four fighters and revealed some insight into their mechanics and play.

  • Yasuo: Big, safe normal attacks; wind-based projectiles and defensive walls; air juggle combos and hit-confirms.
  • Darius: Heavy-hitting axe attacks and pressure combos that can be reset; bleed effects.
  • Echo: Reset loops and high/low blockstrings he can make safe by rewinding time; mid-range projectiles.
  • Ahri: Spellcasting with long-range and rushdown spells using a unique "Foxfire" resource.

We'll probably know much, much more about each Champion after the FGC gets its hands on the demo at EVO this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for an info dump, sooner rather than later.

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