Street Fighter 6’s trailer shows off the new Drive System! Lets break down how to use this new mechanic.

Street Fighter 6 was revealed to the world earlier this year. On Thursday June 2nd, Capcom revealed a new trailer for Street Fighter 6. During Sony’s State of Play presentation, video game fans were treated to a first look at Street Fighter 6.

The trailer showed off a variety of new information that fighting game fans ate up. We’re here to breakdown Street Fighter 6’s drive system!

What’s new for Street Fighter 6?

The Street Fighter series is popular for innovating with every new title. The transition from Street Fighter 2 to Street Fighter Alpha brought new mechanics like custom combo.

Street Fighter 3 had the variable super art and parry system. Then Street Fighter 4 had focus attacks and ultra combos. Currently, Street Fighter 5 uses the V-system which include V-skills and V-triggers.

Introducing the Street Fighter Drive System

Now, Street Fighter 6 introduces has the Drive System. The Drive System is powered by the Drive Gauge which is located beneath each player’s health bar.

A look at Street Fighter 6’s game screen

The Drive Gauge starts full as each round begins. This means that players will be able to spend their Drive Gauge and use the system however they want to express themselves. If you spend all of your Drive Gauge, you will enter a burnout state.

In this state, you cannot use any of the Drive System moves. Not to worry though, the Drive Gauge recovers automatically. The Drive Gauge can be spent to use five different techniques that are shared among the cast.

Street Fighter Drive System Moves

Street Fighter 6’s Drive System has five different techniques that players can use in their fights.

The five Drive techniques are:

  • Drive Impact
  • Drive Parry
  • Overdrive Art
  • Drive Rush
  • Drive Reversal
Street Fighter 6 uses a Drive System
The newly introduced Drive system in SF6.

Drive Impact

Drive Impact lets you armor through an opponent’s attack and counter them. This move seems reminiscent of Street Fighter 4’s focus attack system. Based on the footage in the trailer, the Drive Impact puts an opponent in a crumple state when successful. Drive Impact costs 1 meter of Drive Gauge to use.

Drive Impact is categorized by its red glow

Drive Parry

Next up is Drive Parry. Drive Parry allows you to automatically repel an opponent’s attack. This Drive System move is based on Street Fighter 3’s parry system. When using Drive Parry, your Drive Gauge will constantly deplete. If you are able to successfully parry, your Drive Gauge will replenish.

Street Fighter drive system - Drive Parry
Drive Parries make your character glow blue


Overdrive moves are up next. These moves are similar to ex moves from Street Fighter 3, 4, and 5. Using an ex move will cost one meter of Drive Gauge.

Overdrive attacks have that familiar yellow flash

Drive Rush

Next is Drive Rush. Drive Rush is performed by double tapping forward after a successful Drive Parry or cancelable normal move. This dash cancel is very similar to Focus Attack Dash Cancels from Street Fighter 4. If you use a Drive Rush after a Drive Parry, it only costs one meter. If you Drive Rush off a normal move, it costs 3 meters.

Street Fighter drive system - Drive Rushes
Drive Rushes make your character flash green

Drive Reversal

Finally there is the Drive Reversal. Drive Reversal allows you to counterattack an opponent while you block. This technique is incredibly similar to V-Reversals in Street Fighter 5. Drive Reversals can help you take your turn back when being pressured by an opponent. Using a Drive Reversal will cost two meters.

Street Fighter drive system - Drive Reversal in SF6
Drive Reversals will darken the screen when being used

What to look for

Street Fighter 6’s new Drive System is a huge melting pot of previous mechanics from older Street Fighter titles. The new system mechanics are broad, but they lend themselves well to players familiar with older titles.

Each branch of the Drive System has its roots in older Street Fighter games, meaning that older players will know the right situation to use each technique. For a deeper look at Street Fighter 6’s Drive System, you can visit the Street Fighter 6 website.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any and all information on Street Fighter 6 as it comes out. Be sure to follow us here at for any new Street Fighter 6 information. Be sure to check out our FGC section!

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