SF6 wins Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2023, beating out MK1 cover image

SF6 wins Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2023, beating out MK1

Street Fighter returned to form as SF6 won Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2023. Who did it beat out? Click and find out more.

We're currently in a fighting game golden age and it appears that current king Street Fighter 6 has gotten its crown. SF6 took home the award at The Game Awards 2023 tonight for Best Fighting Game. It's competition included the likes of Mortal Kombat 1 and... Well, if we're being honest the other nominees are just filler. Such is life when it comes to the Keighley Awards.

This isn't to fully trivialize the hard work behind God of Rock, Pocket Bravery, and Nick All-Star Brawl 2. However, this was only ever going to be one of two fighting game legends. It just so happens that Capcom managed to not drop the ball.

SF6 at The Game Awards 2023

SF6 taking home the Best Fighting Game award at The Game Awards continues a banner year for Capcom. In addition to its revival of the biggest fighting game franchise in the world, the publisher has dominated sales and critical acclaim with other beloved titles. This includes the continued domination of its Resident Evil remakes, a return to form for Monster Hunter, and quirky but beloved experiments such as Exo-Primal.

Street Fighter 6 released to the biggest hype of the franchise's history and didn't fail to live up to it. Along with an explosive Evolution Championship Series 2023 showing this year, a number of big announcements for SF6 will follow its win at The Game Awards.

This includes a fascinating collab with the anime Spy x Family and some beautiful (and expensive) skins that released last week. We're also mere months from everyone's favorite evil karate man, Akuma, making his return to the fighting streets.

Will SF6 make a repeat at next year's The Game Awards? The competition will be far stiffer in 2024, with Tekken 8 and the much lauded Project L making a run for the crown.

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