Find out whether you can play with your friends or not.

MultiVersus is the latest Fighting Game to join the scene and it has some interesting characters as part of its lineup. You can play as Shaggy, Batman or a whole lot others. The Game’s charm lies in the fact that it is multiplayer, meaning you can play with your friends. But is it Cross-platform as well. Here’s all we know whether MultiVersus is a cross-platform game. 

Is MultiVersus Cross Platform?

Yes, MultiVersus is Cross-Play. This means whether you are playing on PC, PlayStation or Xbox. 

Crossplay allows players on all supported platforms to matchmake in MultiVersus across multiple platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox).

Which platforms is MultiVersus available on?

MultiVersrus is available on a variety of platforms. Users can play the game for free at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Surprisingly, there is no mention of Nintendo Switch which means the game might not be available on that platform just yet. However, this does not rule out the future potential of the game’s release on Switch.

There are a few restrictions on cross-platform play for MultiVersus. A WB Games Account is required to utilize the MultiVersus Crossplay features and to share MultiVersus content and progression between supported platforms. You can also turn off Cross-Play in MultiVersus and play with opponents who are playing on the same platform. This would mean you will compete only against console players if you are playing on console. If you are a PC player, you will face only other opponents that are playing on PC. 

How to Turn off CrossPlay in MultiVersus

  1. Go to Main Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Then Click Online
  4. Enable or Disable Crossplay

Does MultiVersus support Cross-Progression?

Yes, MultiVersus supports Cross-Progression as long as you use the same Warner Brothers account across all platforms. Players can add friends through their WB Games Account friends list in-game accessed via the Online Social menu. They can also manage their WB Games Account friends by clicking here.