Are you stuck in Offline Mode? It might have to do with your Game Settings.

MultiVersus is Warner Brothers game that brings forth several different worlds together for DC fans to enjoy and play. The game releases on May 28 and is a multiplayer game bringing you face-to-face with someone else sitting elsewhere in the world. However, sometimes, the game can get stuck in Offline Mode, thereby preventing you from enjoying the game to its full extent. Here’s how to Fix Multiversus Stuck in Offline Mode.

How to Fix Multiversus Stuck in Offline Mode

There are multiple reasons why MultiVersus can get stuck in Offline Mode, and here are a few fixes for the same

Change the Age of Account to above 18

MultiVersus will limit the accessibility of the account if the game believes the user is below 18 years of age. We recommend continuing playing in this mode if you are below 18. However, if you are above 18 and have erroneously entered your age in the account as below 18, you should change the account age. Once you do this, you can access the game in online mode.

There are many reasons why the game is in limited access mode for users who are below 18 years of age. Firstly, playing online can lead to various different scenarios, not all of which might be pleasant for the player. This will lead to unwanted scenarios including cases of bullying or rude behavior.

Secondly, the game has a Gleamium Currency which is the basis of all transactions. Underage players might use their Parents’ credit cards to buy Gleamium in the game which can lead to a nasty surprise for parents. 

Restart Router or Modem

Checking your Internet connection is the next step. Quite often, a faulty internet connection can be the reason for this error. Users facing this error (and above age of 18) should check their internet connection. We recommend going through the following steps:

  • Turn off your router
  • Wait ten seconds
  • Restart the router again

Restart Computer

Sometimes, restarting the computer is the best bet to fix a problem in MultiVersus. This is because, the game might have become corrupted with certain key files missing. Restarting the computer would ensure that the client would re-download the missing or corrupted files allowing you to play the game again.

If none of the above steps work, we recommend simply waiting for the error to fix itself. In such situations, it is most likely a server-side issue that can only be fixed by the developers. 

Why is MultiVersus in Offline Mode?

MultiVersus can go into Offline mode due to multiple reasons. Some of these issues are in your control; in other cases, you have to wait for the game servers to be back up. Here are a few fixes for this error that will allow you to play the game and enjoy it to its full potential again.