Justin Wong is 3/4 of the way to his personal goal of 100 online wins in 2021. 75 wins in 20 different fighting game titles, find out which inside!

Justin "JWong" Wong may be nine times EVO Champion but this year he's on a new quest, to win 100 online tournaments before the end of 2022. The campaign started on January 17th and Justin Wong secured his 75th win on the 25th June, putting him 3/4 of the way towards his rather fun personal goal. Given Justin Wong is a part of Esports.gg, we thought it only fair to pay tribute to his quest.

10th Victory - Dan-Ku-Ga (released in 1994)

For his 10th win, Justin Wong dabbled in Dan-Ku-Ga, an unreleased update to Kaiser Knuckle, a game known outside of Japan as Global Champion. Kaiser Knuckle as released during the boom of the fighting game genre following the release of Capcom's Street Fighter 2. Despite it being a rather obscure fighting game, JWonggg has a strong affinity to it, and of his 75 wins, 11 have come from online tournaments in Dan-Ku-Ga.

25th Victory - Street Fighter Alpha 1 (released in 1995)

For his 25th online tournament win Justin Wong triumphed at Lich's Dungeon Street Fighter Alpha 1 event on March 6th. JWong won five matches back-to-back without dropping a game. Interestingly it was the only Street Fighter Alpha 1 win thus far on the race to 100 tournament wins.

33rd Victory - King of Fighters 94 (released in 1994)

To mark making it a third of the way to 100 tournament wins, JWong visited another fighting game from the early 90s, King of Fighters 94. This fun casual tournament featured 10 players and Justin went through the upper-bracket, going 4-0 to win the event hosted by Thunderia Online Tournaments.

50th Victory - Avengers in Galactic Storm (released in 1995)

Only two of JWong's victories have come in this rather awkwardly terrible superhero fighting game Avengers in Galactic Storm. His 50th win was a quickie, three match wins in a row without dropping a game.

Avengers in Galactic Storm was released by Data East in 1995, to pretty mediocre reviews. Computer and Video Games magazine said the game wasn't bad, but it "wasn't great either". Bear in mind X-Men vs Street Fighter would not arrive until 1997. That said, there is something rather lovably awful about this fighting game. Definitely watch some gameplay from it!

75th Victory - Double Dragon (Neo Geo) released in 1995

Justin secured his 74th and 75th victory a couple of days ago on June 25th in a FGC classic, Double Dragon. The 75th win was a hard-fought one against MooMaster, but he clinched it with a 3-2 win in the Grand Finals.

JWong: A true lover of FGC titles, 75 wins in 20 different games

While the victories on the run to 100 wins come in all shapes and sizes, JWong's love of FGC titles can not be denied. Over the course of the year he collected wins in 20 different fighting game titles. The hunt for his 100th win continues.

List of titles JWong has won an online event in so far in 2021:

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike
  • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
  • Dan-Ku-Ga
  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • Fighting EX Layer
  • Art of Fighting 3
  • Guilty Gears Accent
  • King of Fighters 94
  • King of Fighters 97
  • Street Fighter: the Movie
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Street Fighter II: New Legacy
  • Project Justice
  • Double Dragon
  • Kamov Revenge
  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Dragonball Z
  • Gundam Wing

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