The developers have added Garnet from Steven Universe to free rotation instead

MultiVersus has released an official statement that Iron Giant is no longer available for purchase in the game store. Also, if you’ve unlocked the character, he will be removed from your active roster. This step has been taken to address various issues with the fighter. MultiVersus removed Iron Giant temporarily — for maintenance. Let’s check out the reasons for this, what the players have to compensate for this, and when Iron Giant will be back.

The announcement about removing Iron Giant has been made via the game’s official social account.

Why did MultiVersus remove Iron Giant?

A set of problems with Iron Giant includes his size, high weight, and massive damaging moves. The fighter is huge and strong. It is extremely difficult to launch him, And his hits are super effective against most opponents, especially light-weight ones.

In theory, these advantages should be compensated for with slow movement and punishable attacks. In practice, that did not work at all, as Iron Giant was strongly imbalanced. It was even frustrating to face this fighter in online matchmaking.

It’s the reason for removing Iron Giant from MultiVersus.

When will the Iron Giant return to MultiVersus?

So far, there is no information on how long the maintenance process will take. It is quite possible that the developers themselves don't know this. Balancing a fighting game is one of the most difficult aspects.

Whenever we have the date when Iron Giant is back to MultiVersus, we will add the info to this post.

Garnet instead if Iron Giant

To give the players another fighter instead of Iron Giant, MultiVersus has got Garnet to free rotation (preview rotation).

She is a character from the Steven Universe animation series. Garnet is a strong and straightforward character with powerful jabs and a mighty kick in her arsenal. She also has some interesting tricks, like shooting her gauntlets, creating a protecting bubble, or placing an electric field on a platform.

Garnet in MultiVersus (image via
Garnet in MultiVersus (image via

Disabling Iron Giant sure is a radical move, but it’s better like this than facing broken opponents. For everything else important and interesting about MultiVersus, stick around on!